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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Birthday Surprise for you from Brent

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We promised you a surprise for today, Brent's birthday, and here it is.

Last December, men.com & BrentEverett.com got together to produce two videos on Brent's favourite Caribbean hang-out. Today, both companies are releasing the trailer for the first video - SUNKISSED - starring Brent Everett and Luke Adams (a men.com star).


The video here on the blog is not very high quality, but you can stream or download the trailer in high definition from the News page of BrentEverett.com.

If the link to the website doesn't work on your tablet or cell phone, click on the picture below for the high definition version of the trailer. To download the trailer to your computer, right-click the image and choose "Save link as..." or similar wording depending on the device you are using.

To see the trailer version made for tablet or cell phone download speeds, click on the image below.

When the complete video of SUNKISSED is released in a few days, you'll find it on Brent's pages in the Member area of the website as usual. I have a feeling you'll love it. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Brent!
From everyone at BrentEverett.com


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