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Saturday, 17 January 2015


January 14th, 2015
Written by J.W. Warner

Burgeoning Porn Star Michael Hoffman Releases New Video, Fingers His Butthole 

Last month I was wondering aloud what it was going to take to get Michael Hoffman to do some actual gay porn, and I feel like we may be getting closer to that glorious day, gentlemen.

Hoffman, who previously just did some personal posing for Instagram and YouTube and made some secret jerkoff videos for private clients (?) that he hoped would never get leaked on the wider web (!?) is now realizing that he can make money by posting solo jerkoff videos on this muscle fetish site called The Best Flex.

He’s just released his third video, and weirdly, in this one, he keeps his shirt on the whole time. It’s a green polo.

But then Steve Pena and Brent Everett each tweeted out this shot of Hoffman, watermarked with BrentEverett.com showing Hoffman in a lavender polo fingering his butt.


So, what’s up here? Are Steve and Brent trying to get Hoffman to be the newest exclusive model on BrentEverett.com?! Or are they just grooming him to become the fourth in a new quadrouple. Won’t Jayson get jealous?


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