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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Start 2016 off right. Join Brent on BrentEverett.com at his live webcam show this Saturday!

Monday, 28 December 2015


Monday, Decembe 28, 2015      NEW VIDEO ON BRENTEVERETT.COM

Steve and I had been working hard on my mom's dog shelter Christmas project and afterwards I really needed a shower badly. Work and the Caribbean sun will do that to you, lol. So we headed to a friend's place wich has a really fancy shower, and this little video is the result.

After we shot it, I was ready for much more... :-P

- Brent

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Live Q&A Webcam Show on December 26

Visit with Brent, Steve & Jayson at a live Q&A Webcam Show on Saturday, December 26th at 2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Check out model Will Grant Naked


Friday, December 18, 2015     New Video on BrentEverett.com

This scene, with Massimo Piano, is the third and final installment of the Inside Brent Everett series which we co-produced with men.com last October in Barcelona, Spain. Massimo, who has that typical southern look, was really into things and Brent and he had a hot time filming this final episode.

We think you'll agree that these two guys did well together. And Brent decided to grow some facial hair after this scene, as you'll see in the next videos to come. ;-)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

MANZONE reviews Inside Brent Everett, Parts 1 & 2

The following is an adaptation of a review published by MANZONE.COM of the first two parts of the BrentEverett.com and men.com co-production INSIDE BRENT EVERETT, a three-part series of which the first two parts have been published, the third to follow this week.

Exclusive review by Danton Rogers for www.Manzone.com

Brent Everett is on everyone’s “all time greats” list. He’s an unstoppable force. He never fucking ages and his enormous cock never fucking fails to thrill.


But, maybe you want to know a little more about Brent and what turns him on. That’s the “inside” of the title. Don’t feel tricked, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Inside Brent Everett Part 1 starring Brent Everett and Mario Beck

I love Brent Everett and I love Dario Beck, so I’ve been waiting for this scene since I heard it was happening. Oh my god, what a pairing! Both guys have lips for days, so watching them kiss up close is a total treat. But man, then out comes the Everett slab of dick and it’s hard to remember other parts even exist. Dario gives it his oral best, smooth and sexy, but Brent is fan-fucking-tastic when he wraps his lips around Dario’s cock, spits on it and chugs it.

Dario’s ass has the same perfect amount of furry fuzz in his ass hole as he does on his chest. I think it’s perfect, but I think I can speak for Brent too because he gives Dario the rimming of a lifetime. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Brent’s body is more mouthwatering than ever. It’s tight and chiseled, solid muscle, I just want to lick it from head to toe. Especially when it’s in motion like it is when Brent fucks Dario. He is such a comfortable top. I know that sounds obvious, but it takes more than just a giant cock to be a star. He has everything it takes. Lucky Brent, this time that includes Dario, who keeps one hand on his thickness and rides up and down every inch of Brent with the same excitement. When Dario Beck is getting fucked, I never know where to look. His ass is thrilling, but he’s also so fucking handsome, it’s incredible. I’m so in love.

These two are as scorching together as I expected.

Inside Brent Everett Part 2 starring Brent Everett and Logan Moore

No change of locale, nothing fancy needed. “Inside Brent Everett Part 2” is more Brent Everett worship. Nothing wrong with that! After Dario Beck, Logan Moore is a bit of a letdown, but still zesty and up for fun.

Logan attacks Brent’s cock with a desiring mouth, barely ever letting go of it, though can you fucking blame him? Who would let that go if one got a chance to play with it? Once again, Brent is on fire orally. He is so focused and so frisky. He sucks Logan down like his cock is dipped in chocolate and then rims Logan’s ass like it’s the whipped cream on top. It’s bootyful watching him getting this booty ready.

Soon enough, Brent is drilling deep again. Guess what? No surprises here, he aces yet another fuck. He gives the scene so much attention. He sparkles like those diamond earrings he sports. It takes Logan time to get used to Brent’s size, but he’s only human. Nothing like a session with Brent Everett to open up your butt, as so many have found out and so many still want to discover.

Or is it just me?


Friday, 11 December 2015


Friday, December 11, 2015     NEW VIDEO ON BRENTEVERETT.COM

This scene, with Logan Moore, is the second of three we co-produced with men.com right after this fall's Berlin Hustlaball, when Steve and I travelled to Barcelona, Spain. Logan certainly had all the right equipment, and the enthusiasm to go with it. So we had a hot time.

And, he gave me the idea that I should try to grow some facial hair myself. Hmm...

- Brent