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Thursday, 29 May 2014

BRENT'S BACK (in Calgary)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey guys! I want to start off by apologizing to you. I haven't really kept up my end of the bargain with you lately. But I'm feeling better every day, so things should be back to normal soon. My upcoming move away from Calgary will cause a bit more confusion, but Steve is hoping to make up for that by shooting scenes in the States while I'm getting settled in my new place in Toronto (as soon as I find one). Today's new video is called "Brent's Back (in Calgary)". I was going to shoot it in Victoria last week, but we just ran out of time and couldn't finish it.

Another bit of news: The Kindle e-Book "Around the World in 80 Gay Porn Stars" is now available from Amazon.

It's got interviews with 80 of your favorite porn stars (including me and my friend Brandon Wilde). Go check it out (no,no, I don't get any royalties, lol).

I really hope you'll forgive me for my absence.
- Brent


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