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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

BRENTEVERETT.COM: Brent, Leo & the Glory Hole

Monday, March 17, 2014

So Brent is about to return to Toronto & Calgary, no more Mexican heat and sunshine. It'll take him a few days to recover and acclimatize himself again.

Today's video, Brent, Leo & the Glory Hole, is from the same batch as last week's, so it's not in high definiton. It's Brent and Leo Paige, who has been on the site before (you'll find him on the Buddies pages). For this live webcam show Brent built a glory hole set (he's not only a talented painter, but also loves to design and build sets). And you'll see how enthusiastic they both were to try it out. Boy, Leo is one enthusiastic twink. :-P

Brent is planning to do a live webcam show on Tuesday, March 25th at 5pm Pacific. Let's all hope that after waiting for a live show for so long, it all goes off without a hitch. ;-)

All the best,
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