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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Some time ago, I warned you about a number of Facebook pages that claim to be mine or to be authorized by me. There was even one fake Brent Everett Facebook page that claimed to be selling items from my (still closed) online store BuyBrent.com. Despite attempting to get these shut down, many of these pages still exist or keep re-appearing.

A short while ago I received some emails from fans in Europe and the United States about a new and even more despicable scam. Someone is impersonating me on Skype using the Skype name "brent.everett4". This person is using one of my old pictures on his account, and I'm told he even looks something like me. His is just one of a number of fake Brent Everett Skype accounts out there.

I've been told this person has swindled someone out of nearly $2,000 by saying it was a fee for becoming a model/performer for my website. Just to make things perfectly clear, when someone works for my company, he is always paid for his work, not the other way around.

So, please be careful. The only thing out on the web that is mine is my website BrentEverett.com, my (still closed) online store BuyBrent.com, this blog on Blogger, BrentEverettBlog.blogspot.com and my Twitter account @brenteverett which you'll find at https://twitter.com/brenteverett (and which, btw, has 109,410 followers as I'm writing this).

Please take this warning to heart. And if someone approaches you in anyway claiming to be Brent Everett, ask for proof and/or write to support@brenteverett.com so that we can check things out.

All the best,
- Brent


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