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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey guys, I'm really sorry we had such massive problems with streaming the video last Saturday (especially since we didn't have any problems the week before). Anyway, today's new video is the edited recording of the Halloween webcam you missed. It's a bit shorter than usual, because I left out some of the Halloween things I'd planned, but everything else worked out just fine. ;-)

I'm glad the extra webcam show I did on Sunday worked a bit better. I'm going to experiment with the webcam showtimes a bit for the next few weeks, because I think the ISP here on the island may be running close to its capacity, so I'm trying to find a good time when people here aren't on their computers.

Remember, today's your last chance to elect a president who actually understands how real people live and isn't part of, or the representative of, the 1% (not that I'm taking sides here on my West Indies island, lol).

- Brent


Xersex said...

How much I love you, Brent! You're incredible! I love your cum shot! I envy Steve who can enjoy your cum in his mouth!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the light stache. Is it your stubble or a costume?

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