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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Random CUTE Shit: Puppy thinks blowing air is water

Obama Declares June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month

Via FOXNEWS.com 
The president Tuesday signed a proclamation recognizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender month.
"The story of America's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is the story of our fathers and sons, our mothers and daughters, and our friends and neighbors who continue the task of making our country a more perfect Union," the proclamation said.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride month is recognized each June and the Obama administration has recognized it each year it has been in the White House.
In the proclamation, the president notes his own record on issues the LGBT community advocates.
"Since taking office, my Administration has made significant progress towards achieving equality for LGBT Americans," the proclamation said. "Last December, I was proud to sign the repeal of the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy... My Administration has also taken steps to eliminate discrimination against LGBT Americans in Federal housing programs and to give LGBT Americans the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital."
The president also points to the 30th anniversary of AIDS in the proclamation and says his administration has increased funding for research. He called on the LGBT community to use the anniversary as a reason to renew its commitment to finding a cure.
"This landmark anniversary is an opportunity for the LGBT community and allies to recommit toraising awareness about HIV/AIDS and continuing the fight against this deadly pandemic," the proclamation says.
Obama wasn't the first president to begin recognizing LGBT month. Former President Bill Clinton issued the first pride proclamation in June of 1999.

Lt Dan Choi arrested while protesting the Gay Pride Ban in Moscow

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Essential Brent Everett

(From FriskyNews.org)
From sk8rboy twink to Best Performer winner porn star, Brent Everett’s porn star status has noticeably risen to the big leagues.

Everett’s Grabby Award (a co-win along with Samuel Colt) comes on the heels of the Canadian moving to California to sign with Chi Chi LaRue as a C1R exclusive model. Since sealing the deal, the horsehung stud has filmed a growing shelf of sex videos beginning with the How-To-Make-A-Porn, F*CK U, as well as appearing in their original sex dare series Raising The Bar: Part One.

Brent EverettRead More HERE at FriskyNews

PUREPRIDE 2011 Promo Video

Super Hottie Anthony Romero and Brent Everett after the Grabbys

His body is begging for a touch @RussellRyanXXX

Legs wide open while he's sleeping lol @brenteverett

Long weekend @BrentEverett

Check out the ad for Toronto Pride 'Prism college'

Grabby Awards presented to top performers during annual show in Chicago

Chicago, IL — The 2011 Grabby Awards, hosted by Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West, took center stage Saturday night at Chicago's Park West Theatre. The awards show coincides annually with International Mr. Leather over Memorial Day Weekend.
Chi Chi LaRue co-hosted the 2011 Grabby Awards 
credit :: anthony meade
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The Grabby Awards, better know as The Grabbys, are presented byGrab Magazineto some of the gay adult industry's best talent and performers.

Stacy Bridges and Mark Nagel, the show's organizers and producers, called this year's award ceremony another success. 

"Stars have flown in from all over the country and world for the most anticipated weekend in the industry," Bridges told GoPride.com.  

For the first time in the 20-year history of the Grabby Awards, Bel Ami exclusives have attended the event in Chicago. Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel Chagall and Kevin Warhol traveled from Prague, Czech Republic. Before attending the Grabbys, the Bel Ami group toured the Windy City.  

Brent Everett won the 'Best Actor' award. Everett shared the 'Performer of the Year' award with Samuel Colt. 

Sister Roma, Steve Shay, Brandon Baker and Dean Monroe were presented with a Grabby 'Wall of Fame' award. Sister Roma, who co-hosts the popular 'Tim and Roma' podcast, received a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Tony Buff, Shane Frost and Dean Monroe co-hosted the awards show with this year's Trophy Studs: Eric Austyn, Bill Byron, Dante Escobar (replacing Angel Rock) and Phenix Saint.

The International Mr. Leather Contest, which is the culmination of an active LGBT Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago, is Sunday night at 6 p.m.

By Brett anthony of gopride.com

Cock shot of the day

We win two awards guys!

Because of you guys & the grabbys we won best actor & performer of the Year.

U have supported me and motivated me to be the best I can. I appreciate it all and love u all. I can't wait to show u what's next.

Thank you c1r, doug Jeffries, chi chi Larue, and everyone associated with these awesome movies. Love u guys and I'm proud to be part of the channel 1 releasing family and of course my baby http://BrentEverett.com. One last person I want to sat thank u to Is my husband Steve Pena. I love you. Thank you for putting up with me and supporting me. Our love is unconditional.

Brent Everett

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Check out Colin Kane in SD June 10 guys

“I’ve been doing stand-up for eight years, but I’ve been making fun of people my whole life.”

A born and bred New Yorker, Colin Kane has been laying the comedy smackdown on packed houses since 2002, forging his career on the New York comedy circuit. Playing to audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Mexico City, Norway and Stockholm, Kane has proven his acidic brand of humor has a wide and multifarious appeal. His ability to convert audiences into staunchly loyal fans has helped him spread his uniquely perverse brand of comedy to a worldwide stage.

Billed by Dennis Miller as “the next really big comedian” and described by fans as "acerbic and brilliant", Colin Kane nailed down the winning spot on Howard Stern's Kill or Be Killed and is a serial guest on the zenith of early morning radio, Opie and Anthony. Kane’s talent and prolific vocation have allowed him the opportunity to work for everyone from the racially charged Paul Mooney to the deeply perceptive Jerry Seinfeld, playing on his ability to appeal to a diverse cross section of audiences.

Kane’s unequaled defining factor is his knack for incorporating improv into his sets, maintaining a level of surprising originality in each performance. Rarely does a comedian come along that has the verbal agility to spin rapid fire wit and comebacks so smoothly.

After a successful two year run at the world renowned Caroline's on Broadway, Kane has continued his meteoric rise in the comedy scene by playing to 7,000 fans at Madison Square Garden Theater. With his sardonic banter and brazen observations, Kane has solidified his reputation as an entertainer who can not only fill seats, but enrapture the general masses and create a legion of unwavering followers.

Check out his Website: http://www.colinkane.com/

The new Fleshjack boys

Cock shot of the day

Thursday, 26 May 2011

98 Degrees Singer Jeff Timmons Is now a Chippendale (Check him out in Vegas)

2 Grabbys Week Parties in CHICAGO U shouldn't miss! Starting Tonight

Thursday May 26:
First join us for the official Grabby Awards Weekend Kickoff Party with DJ Chi Chi Larue. I'll be arriving LATE but not cuz I want to, that's when our flight comes in (After 1130pm).  So it's not cuz i'm being a diva and fashionably late.

But There will be tons of porn boys keeping the party hot!  Too many to name but u see the list below on the flyer.  It's porn cock all nite.

See Me and Chi Chi Larue along with tons of other pornstars Thursday


Then on FRIDAY May 27th, join me and Brent Corrigan along with the Bel Ami boys for the FLESHJACK party.  Lots of giveaways so if you've wanted to get your hand on MINE or Corrigans COCK here's ur chance:-)  

See me Friday with Brent Corrigan

Then on Saturday May 29th, go where the fans meet the stars for the Grabby Awards.

Let's Kick off the week with LMFAO PARTY ROCK

Super Catchy Tune: Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory'

 By Alicia -of Zimbio.com

Leave it to Lady Gaga to hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 without really trying.

A few weeks ago, Gaga released the anthemic number "The Edge of Glory" as a promotional single to pump fans up over the release of Born This Way, her second full-length studio album. But the track proved so popular the powers that be released it as the third official single from the album—and it subsequently debuted in the top 3. Because Gaga's got it like that.

So what is it about this track that people love so much?

Well, "Edge of Glory" epitomizes the Springsteen-esque power balladry that pops up all over Born This Way, with a familiar belt-it-out chorus that'll find favor with anyone who loved listening to the radio late '80s. It even features a saxophone solo by Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

It's also one of Gaga's personal favorites on the album. In an interview with Google, she explained, "[My] grandpa died about five months ago, and my dad and I were going to say goodbye to him at the hospital, and I got out a big thing of agave tequila and my dad sat next to me at the piano and we started doing shots back and forth, and I wrote 'Edge of Glory' on the piano and my dad and I cried. The song's about your last moment on Earth, the moment of truth, the edge of glory is that moment right before you leave earth."

It may have had somber beginnings, but "The Edge of Glory" is nothing if not joyful. Check it out below.


Lady Gaga Dives And Dazzles On 'American Idol Finale'

Mother Monster joined by E Street Band sax hero for a performance of 'Edge of Glory.'

Lady Gaga took her performance to the edge — and then took a diving leap over it — during Wednesday's (May 25) "American Idol" season finale.

Gaga, who memorably mentored the contestants earlier this season — advising Haley Reinhart to up the drama quotient in her performance, she told her, "Give them a little, 'I'm crazy and I'm a laugh away from a tear' " — performed her new single "Edge of Glory." She was perched on a mountain top of sorts made of faux rocks high above the "Idol" stage, not unlike Kanye West's volcano-top performance at the 2010 BET Awards. Dressed in a long cape and a bedazzled headpiece draped with hanging chains, Gaga was rendered practically immobile, as she didn't have much space to maneuver atop her spot. A trio of dancers were at the base of the set performing choreographed dance steps while Gaga belted high above them.

Gaga ditched her cape and headpiece after the song's first verse, revealing a Xena the Warrior Princess-type battle-ready bikini ensemble, accented by a flowing blond wig and an oversize cross. Bathed in deep blue lights, she fingered at a piano that was built into her set, and wailed the song's booming, summertime-ready chorus.

She was joined up top by a shirtless male dancer as Bruce Springsteen sidekick Clarence Clemons (who performs the gigantic sax solo at the center of the song) reprised his role on the Nokia Theatre stage. Dressed in an oversize black coat and a black hat, he was barely visible, but his sax lines were immediately recognizable, even if they wavered in and out of audibility.

Gaga and her dancer friend, who were laid out at the top of the set during Clemons' sax intermission, rose to their feet during the song's final chorus. As Gaga sang, "I'm on the edge of glory/ And I'm hanging on a moment with you," they held hands as they inched to the edge of the platform. They embraced, took a breath and then dove off the edge of the stage, landing out of sight, behind a bed of fake rocks. Steam shot up high in the air and the curtain closed on the latest in a long string of memorable televised Lady Gaga performances.

The performance was well-timed to the release of Gaga's Born This Way, which hit stores on Monday and is on pace to become the year's fastest-selling album.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SPOILER 'American Idol' Winner 2011: Scotty McCreery Wins Season 10 (VIDEO)

via huffpo
In the end, it was the unlikely juxtaposition of the boyish looks and deep voice that won America's ears and hearts, as Scotty McCreery beat out Lauren Alaina to take home the "American Idol" season 10 crown.

In a season that introduced rock star Steven Tyler and pop diva Jennifer Lopez as new judges, McCreery's country crooning won out, this despite less positive reviews for the North Carolina native's finale song, "Love You This Big."

After predicting a win for Alaina on Tuesday night's final competition, judge Randy Jackson changed his tune on Wednesday afternoon, telling host Ryan Seacrest that he thought McCreery would win it all.

A 17-year old resident of Garner, North Carolina, McCreery was always a solid frontrunner, having never appeared in the bottom three of fan voting.

Cock shot of the day

Happy Hump Day

Chicago here we COME: Grabby Awards

Grabby Awards (better known as The Grabbys), are presented annually in Chicago to honor work done in the gay pornography industry. The awards are sponsored by Grab Magazine, a free weekly that describes itself as "Chicago's premier LGBT publication." The Grabby Awards and Grab Magazine are owned and operated by Grabbys, LLC. The awards were owned until 2009 by Gay Chicago Magazine.

Saw this on twitter didn't know if it was true, but i guess it is. read it yourself

As Per Erik Rhodes Blog:

Anonymous asked
so whats the purpose of this incredible high....escape?.....pleasure?....what drug is this that u used on ur bender?

I called it a vacation from myself.
Yes, of course my BF is mad, i came home sick as fuck. I have never experienced a crash as bad as i did this time. I guess because i forced enough drugs to kill a small army into my veins in such a short time, 4 days with no sleep, excuse me, the only sleep i had is one night, i think it was night, when i dropped myself with to much G… when i woke up, refreshed, i grabbed a pipe as quick as the next crackhead and brought myself back to life… all this mixed in with no real food for 4 days… it was like a bad trip… when i came home i tried to fight it off for 2 days but ultimately ended up having to send myself to the emergency room and was treated for dehydration amongst other things.

DADT Repeal: Gay Troops To Hold Las Vegas Convention

Via Huffingtonpost.com
A group of actively serving gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel is planning its first convention this fall in Las Vegas in what may be another sign that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy's days are numbered.
By scheduling its Armed Forces Leadership Summit for October 13-16 in the city with the slogan, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," OutServe, an underground network of more than 3,000 gay troops, appears to be thumbing its nose at the 17-year-old rule that bars gays from openly serving and has led to the discharge of more than 14,500 military personnel.
OutServe also released an unscientific survey of its members Wednesday that found 78 percent of respondents said they were "out" to at least some in their unit. More than one in four said they had "come out" since President Barack Obama signed the bill to repeal DADT.
The findings, which may help explain the reasoning behind the high-profile summit, confirms that troops who have told colleagues they are gay have suffered "no negative impact," said group spokesman Jonathan Hopkins, a former Army captain and veteran of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The group said it hoped the summit would "provide an international forum on enhancing military readiness through encouraging an environment of respect with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity." Although it is unclear how many active-duty personnel will risk attending -- DADT remains in effect as the repeal process is implemented -- organizers say it will be open to veterans and civilians as well.
"We believe diversity is a force multiplier, and this conference will bring together veterans, active-duty military and other experts to help us leverage LGBT inclusion for the benefit of military readiness," said OutServe co-director JD Smith, who goes by a pseudonym because he is an Air Force officer.
In theory, DADT could be history by the time the summit opens. Training of troops is expected to be completed by August 15, although the largest service, the Army, has reportedly briefed fewer than one in four soldiers.
"Training is progressing well," Eileen Lainez, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said in an email. "While training is an essential component to meeting the standards described in the law, certification by the secretary (of Defense) and the chairman (of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) does not require 100 percent of our people to be trained."
The policy will remain in place until 60 days after senior military leaders and the president certify implementation the repeal will not compromise military readiness, unit cohesion and recruiting and retention.
House Republicans are trying to delay the repeal of DADT through a series of amendments to the defense authorization bill. But their efforts could be thwarted if repeal is certified before the legislation is finalized this fall.

Brazil Prez Blocks Gay Sex Ed

Via Advocate.com

Brazilian Presidnet Dilma Rousseff
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has banned sex education films with anti-homophobia messaging from being produced or distributed in schools because she thinks they are unsuitable for children.

Evangelical church leaders, with political allies, threatened to halt all upcoming legislation if Rousseff didn't block the production and dissemination of the anti-homophobia kits, the BBC reports.

The kits, distributed by Brazil's ministry of health and the ministry of education, contain images of gay and lesbian couples with messaging to combat homophobia. A government spokesman said Rousseff personally reviewed the materials and thought the videos did not offer an objective view of homosexuality.

Brazilian congressman Jean Wyllys said he voted for Rousseff because of her commitment to human rights.

"If she doesn't do a U-turn and change her mind, I will urge all gay people not to vote for her again," he said.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cock shot of the day

Random Funny Shit: Kyle Pearce, United Airlines Passenger, Single-Handedly Joins Mile High Club, Is Arrested

Kyle Pearce of Florida was flying from Spokane to Denver on May 19, when he shocked fellow passengers by masturbating in his coach-class United Airlines seat, according to an FBI affidavit filed in Denver on May 20, The Smoking Gun reports.

He was, not surprisingly, arrested when United flight 340 touched down in Denver. Pearce was charged with "obscene and indecent exposure of his person by exhibiting his penis and masturbating in plain view."

Tucked into seat 18D, Pearce allegedly started masturbating before he was caught in the act by his fellow passengers, according to paperwork filed by Special Agent Martin Daniell, III, an 11-year FBI veteran.

A passenger seated in 19D right behind Pearce told police "I hit him with my book in the arm, which caused him to stop and leave to the bathroom."

A woman unlucky enough to be seated next to Pearce in 18E told cops he was masturbating and that he, "ejaculated and got some on the seat."

After he ducked into the lavatory, passengers wondered aloud if Pearce was "stoned on marijuana," say court papers posted to The Smoking Gun.

For his in-flight masturbatory shenanigans, Pearce faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail with a year of supervised release and a fine of up to $5,000.

In another repulsive in-flight episode, a Florida man was arrested last Thursday by the FBI after he allegedly “masturbated to the point of ejaculation” while traveling on a United Airlines flight en route to Colorado, The Smoking Gun has learned.
Kyle Pearce, 25, was busted after United Airlines Flight 340 arrived in Denver from Spokane, Washington, according to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Martin Daniel. Pearce, pictured at right, was named in a May 20 misdemeanor criminal complaint charging him with making an “obscene and indecent exposure of his person” on an aircraft.
As detailed by Daniel, an 18-year-old woman told investigators that she was seated in row 18 next to Pearce, who was in an aisle seat. “I sat next to a man on a plane who was masterbating [sic]. I heard a noise and looked over and saw his penis,” the teenager recalled in a written statement. She added, “He ejaculated & got some on the seat. Then he went to the bathroom for a long time.”
The woman reported that Pearce was wearing jeans tucked into cowboy boots, introduced himself as Kyle, and said he was connecting on to Orlando, Florida. Pearce’s MySpace page describes him as a junior college student who has been a bull rider for eight years.
A passenger seated directly behind Pearce, 18-year-old Grayson Miller, recalled that, “My friend Zach turned to me and said, ‘That man is masturbating’ and in disbelief, I looked and saw his penis and he was.” In his written statement, Miller reported that, “I hit him with my book in the arm, which caused him to stop and leave to the bathroom” in the Airbus A319.
During a brief appearance Friday in U.S. District Court in Denver, a magistrate judge ordered Pearce held in custody until a preliminary hearing scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon. Court records do not include the name of Pearce’s attorney.
If convicted of the airborne incident, Pearce faces a maximum of 90 days in jail and a year of supervised release. He can also be fined up to $5000.
The plane within which Pearce is said to have pleasured himself bears tail number N843UA. Since the May 19 incident, the aircraft has crisscrossed the country during 12 flights, and is currently en route to San Diego from Washington, D.C.. Presumably, evidence of the alleged crime has been eliminated by a United cleaning crew. (3 pages)

Watch ‘Glee’ Finale Sneak Peek of “I Love New York” Performance!

via Author: Nicole Eggenberger of Ok magazine

New Directions takes over New York City in tonight’s finale episode of Glee, and they love every minute of it!

A sneak peek of tonight’s episode has been released and it has definitely made us even more excited for tonight’s show. The cast sings a mix of Madonna‘s “I Love New York” and “New York, New York,” from On the Town, while dancing around the Big Apple in places like Central Park and Times Square.

....But i still think this is the better "empire state of mind" is the better New York Song ;-)

Beyonce Billboard Awards 2011 Performance VS Lorella Cuccarini 2010 performance (UPDATE)

 Is copying the best form of flattery?

BeyonceEthan Miller, Getty Images for ABC


Beyonce Reveals Inspiration Behind Billboard Music Awards Performance -- Exclusive

When Beyonce took to the stage at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday (May 22), she gave what was, quite possibly, the performance of her lifetime. It certainly ranks up there among the most memorable in the award show's history. Honored with the Billboard Millennium Award, Beyonce performed her current single, 'Run the World (Girls)' while dancing and interacting with high-tech video projections synced behind her.

Indeed, the word "epic" comes to mind, as it was a dazzling marriage of choreography and technology, the likes of which have rarely been seen on live television. However, some have argued that the word "groundbreaking" might be misleading -- Beyonce's performance may have been unique in its execution, but the basic idea actually came from a performance by Italian pop singer Lorella Cuccerini in 2010. The visuals, dancing and even sequencing are remarkably similar at points. That's no coincidence, nor is it a rip-off. Rather, Beyonce acknowledges the direct influence.

"My makeup artist showed me the performance of Lorella Cuccarini a year ago, and it inspired me so much," Beyonce tells AOL Music, exclusively. "I then met with the talented people who worked on it. The technology and concept were so genius. Thank god for YouTube or I would have never been exposed to something so inspiring. I never worked so hard on anything in my life as that performance for the Billboard Awards."

Naturally, YouTube is now flooded with side-by-side comparisons of the two performances and, yes, it is fascinating to see how ideas can evolve from one creative entity to the next. But whereas critics are quick to point out influences, musicians are more prone to identify them as inspiration. In turn, Beyonce's performance will now, no doubt, "influence" other artists at future award shows. For proof, check back next year. And that, of course, is exactly why Beyonce is a Billboard Millennium Award recipient.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Straight or Gay? Vowels in Speech May Give it Away

Study found that strangers quickly picked up on sexual orientation via vocal cues

 Via USNEWS.com
(HealthDay News) -- For the average listener, the vowel sounds in an unfamiliar voice quickly give away the speaker's sexual orientation, a new study finds.

"I'm not sure what exactly the listeners are responding to in the vowel," study lead author Erik C. Tracy, a cognitive psychologist at Ohio State University, said in a news release from the American Institute of Physics. "Other researchers have done various acoustic analyses to understand why gay and heterosexual men produce vowels differently. Whatever this difference is, it seems that listeners are using it to make this sexual orientation decision."

Click here to find out more!
When hearing an unfamiliar voice at the other end of the phone line, most people instantly judge the stranger's characteristics based on how they speak, and the new study suggests listeners are usually pretty accurate in their determination.

"This is a phenomenon that occurs every day," Tracy said. "We are constantly speaking with people we don't know on our phones, and just from this conversation, we might be able to identify personal characteristics about that person, such as their gender, age, race or sexual orientation."

In order to understand how this process works, Tracy and a colleague focused on one characteristic -- sexual orientation. They asked seven gay and seven heterosexual males to record single-syllable words (including "mass," "food" and "sell") and then played the recordings for listeners. The study participants were then asked to identify the sexual orientation of the speakers when hearing only the first letter sound of those words, the first two letter sounds, or the entire words.

The listeners were unable to determine the sexual orientation after hearing the sound of the first letter in the spoken word, for example, just the "m" sound in the word "mass." But, "when presented with the first two letter sounds [for example "ma"], listeners were 75 percent accurate," Tracy said. "We believe that listeners are using the acoustic information contained in vowels to make this sexual orientation decision," he explained.

The findings are scheduled to be presented May 23 in Seattle at the meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Experts note that research presented at meetings has not been subjected to the same type of rigorous scrutiny given to research published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

More information
The Nemours Foundation has more about sexual orientation.

Let's Meet Hottie Model: Seth Kuhlmann

It was somewhere around the 4th of July weekend, 2010 in hot as Hades Phoenix, Arizona when a new light began to shine on Seth.

Born with a football in one hand and a baseball in the other, Seth quickly became a well known fixture in the sports arena. He'd come to Arizona to stay with his Uncle for a few months to give life a "think." Seth had been heavily recruited by College and University Football and Baseball recruiters around the country for the past year or more. Add to that interest from Pro teams and the choices became a bit overwhelming. Where to go, what to play ... he needed a break.

While wandering the festival grounds at Tempe Town Lake, Seth was approached by two guys with a camera wanting to know if he'd be interested in shooting some footage for an MTV television show. Game for anything, Seth quickly jumped in front of the camera.  A few weeks later he noticed a call out for potential actors and models so once again Seth jumped in front of the camera. He'd had little if any experience other than recruitment videos, interviews on camera by Sports writers and school endorsement films and he took to film like a duck to water.


Seth was recruited by modeling agencies about as heavily as he had been by sports teams but the talented Jason Kanner and his Soul Artist Management Agency instilled in Seth a comfort level and enthusiasm never before known. Modeling is just the beginning of what appears to be an explosive career for Seth as the Visionary Talent Agent Maury DiMauro with Innovative Artists has signed on as Seth's acting agent. ... and the rest they say is history.

Seth arrived in New York late September 2010 and has quickly become a favorite among the fashion industry. And You can see why.

Check him out in his early years: