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Sunday, 27 February 2011

James Franco's White Tights Clip from the Oscars

Gays Who Don't Want Gay Marriage

Gays Who Don't Want Gay Marriage

There's Changes Happening Here at BrentEverett.com!

 If you've been noticing we've been going thru some major changes here at the site.  Slow updates but coming along.  Hope you all like and enjoy the better site.  The affiliates page is also coming along click the link to sign up if you haven't already.

Keep checking back for more updates and new stuff you're sure gonna enjoy!


Brent Everett

@jamesfranco 's butt & bulge

Headed to the Cayman Islands

I'm gonna be visiting the Caribbean for the next couple of weeks. I'll be tweeting and blogging from there along with having the next few shows from there also. Check back for updates and I hope to see you guys at the next show. The show with MATT was hot and I hope you enjoyed it. Look for it on the site soon.

Brent Everett

Friday, 25 February 2011

Ke$ha shoots co-star James Van Der Beek and countless unicorns in her 'Blow' video

by Joseph Brannigan Lynch

KeshaHow did unicorns die out? According to Ke$ha’s “Blow” music video, it looks like she and James Van Der Beek gunned down most of them at a swank cocktail party (the last refuge of any endangered species).
The first two minutes of “Blow” are deceptively normal—well, as average as a video with bipedal unicorns in tuxedos can be. Deprived of her trademark Keith Richards-via-dumpster-diving look, this edition of Ke$ha is dressed to the nines, sipping champagne and dancing with the soiree’s only other non-mythical member, James Van Der Beek (Who refers to her as Ke-dollar sign-HA, just like Glee’s Principal Figgins).
Sparkling wine? Where’s the Jack D, girl? Has fame and fortune spoiled our pretension-free party girl? Considering her first words to Dawson Leery are, “Well, if it isn’t James Van Der Douche,” the answer is a resounding “no.” (Skip ahead to 2:20 for the funny stuff).

Lucky-lady Kesha then does to James Van Der Beek what so many of us have been fantasizing about for years: whip out two laser pistols, mow him down and mount his head on her wall.
Sadly, many unicorns are caught in the crossfire, but happily, they bleed rainbows, so we are treated to a spectacle grander than a Skittles commercial but not quite the equal of walking down Christopher Street during Pride Week.
Wait… unicorns in the video… maybe it WAS a dream…. oh my god, is Ke$ha is a replicant?

Sara at the doggy doctor

Super Man Cock from one hot dude

Hottie Model: Ben Godfre (NUDE)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hot Rhianna Songs to get your ass moving!

 It's gonna be spring soon which means all the dancing at the beach and shit.  Get ready for these and all the other songs u love to come out with a bigger bang.  Youll be dancing to them boys!  Enjoy these

Bulge Alert: More David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place

'Glee' Cast Performs "Tik Tok" Drunk (VIDEO)

by huffpo:
This week's 'Glee' nabbed a TV-14 due to its depiction of drunken debauchery (i.e. chugging wine coolers, body shots, and an inebriated high schooler throwing bills in the air while his girlfriend tore off her shirt).
The episode, entitled 'Blame It On The Alcohol,' addresses the pitfalls of underage drinking, and culminates in a performance of Ke$ha's alcohol anthem "Tik Tok" by an intoxicated glee club at an all-school Alcohol Awareness Week assembly. The glee club is no match it seems for the queen of partying herself, as Brittany cuts short the performance, vomiting all over Rachel. Despite barfing something the color of a blueberry smoothie, Brittany has the wherewithal to caution that, "Everybody drink responsibly."

Bulge Alert new David Henrie

Boy Hottie

Was The King's Speech Filmed On A UK Naked Men Porno Set? via queekcick

Random Funny Shit: daniel tosh (god and gays)

Mason Wyler’s Raw Shoot Causes Controversy. article from Gay.com

Repost from http://daily.gay.com/hot_topics/2011/02/mason-wylers-raw-shootcauses-controversy.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

5685_1 Mason Wyler looks like the adorable boy next door, but the 27-year-old is more than that. He’s a major porn star, a self-described “sex fiend” whose past online advertisements declared that “anything goes,” and he’s also a man of many contrasts.
Wyler posted on his blog in 2008 that he’d been raped, but The Advocate reported that “when he followed it up with a series of posts about enjoying rough sex and ultimately decided against pressing charges, several bloggers suggested he’d made the entire thing up.” Wyler has also been public about being HIV-positive, saying in this same article that he only has himself to blame and, “I take responsibility for my own actions.”
That word—“responsibility”—became the focal point surrounding Wyler when he recently announced he would be appearing in two bareback scenes with Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk — porn stars, and boyfriends, who are also HIV-positive.
Pool-Pics On his NSFW blog, Wyler gives a couple different reasons for his actions. He says, “I did it because my career had been at a standstill (or dead) for nearly nine months.” While he’d gotten work offers from bareback companies, all of the mainstream studios were staying away. “I love having sex on camera and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do,” he explains. He then adds, “I did it because I wanted to get fucked by Owen Hawk. Out of all the performers in all of gay porn, bareback and condom, Owen has always been and will always be my ideal top.” So when Hawk made the offer, it seemed more appealing to the young man.
Wyler also admits, “I did it because I prefer bareback sex and I'd rather be with other openly HIV positive men.” He goes on to say that it's understandable for HIV negative people to fear working with him, and that fear turns everyone off, so it makes less sense to perform with HIV-negative models. In yesterday’s interview with The Advocate he elaborates on this last point, explaining:
“I actually haven’t had the experience of working with someone who I knew for sure was HIV-negative and they knew for sure I was HIV-positive. As soon as I tested positive, I stopped filming... My experience with [filming with HIV-negative people] is just from chatting with other models who are negative and have kind of hinted that they wouldn’t be too comfortable working with me… That’s where it kind of started and it set in that there is a chance that I could spread it to someone who’s negative. I wouldn’t want to cause someone direct harm or be at fault. I wouldn’t want to pose that risk on somebody — even though condoms are 99% fool-proof, there’s still a chance.”
Here’s where the controversy truly takes off. On one hand, Wyler says that reinfection with another HIV strain is “a slight concern. Not really. I mean, if it was a major concern I wouldn’t have done it.” One could also argue that this is Wyler’s body, it’s his choice, and if he’s being honest about his HIV status with his scene 5616_1partners, then they have the right to do whatever they want.
However, some argue that the adult film industry has a responsibility to promote safer sex practices—though, to be fair, this is a belief widely held in the gay porn world and less so by the straight porn industry. To this point, Wyler says that porn’s role is to entertain, not educate, and that bareback sex doesn’t influence real-life behavior. He tells The Advocate, “I worked in porn for six years and see it as a form of entertainment; I think most people do too. I don’t know many people who buy porn to learn about sex; people buy sex to masturbate. It’s not our place to try to inform people. If that’s something that a porn model or studio wants to take on and spend money and effort doing that, that’s great, but I don’t think it’s our responsibility to do that — just like I don’t think video games are to blame for violence or movies are to be blamed for murders. It’s entertainment.”
And with that, the debate continues...

Josh Strickland - Report To The Floor (Cute gay from Holly's World)

 Notice all the songs about heading to the "FLOOR" this spring! ;-)

Gaga Using “Born This Way” Proceeds to Fight Bullying

By Advocate.com Editors
Lady Gaga popped by The Gayle King Show to talk about “Born This Way,” the accompanying video(s), and her new album — and the talk show host greeted her while still in her Spanx.
“Gaga didn’t even blink — she went, ‘Oh, hi, you look great,’” King said. “Like it’s normal for someone to be greeting you in their underwear, Gaga.”
The two then moved on to more serious topics, starting with her meat dress (Gaga likens it to wearing leather) and the amount of scrutiny placed on her appearance.
“I always like to say people take me too seriously and not seriously enough all at the same time,” Gaga said.
King noted that “Born This Way” is the first time she’s ever heard the word “transgender” used in a song, and the two talked about Gaga’s reasons for speaking to those who have been bullied.
“I really wanted to make a record that was unapologetic and quite literal and really to the point,” Gaga said. She said she wanted to create a cultural, religious experience that doesn’t dance around the issues with poetry or sex.
Gaga also told King there will be two videos for “Born This Way” and she will be releasing a stripped-down version of the song, the proceeds from which she will donate to an organization that fights antigay bullying.

Listen here.

Britney Spears reveals How I Roll

By Leah Collins, CNS

The executive producer of Britney Spears' new album tweeted a teaser Thursday of the pop star's new track, How I Roll.
"I just might be feeling like giving u another snippet . . . maybe," Dr. Luke wrote. Listen to the song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZN9HEdgpsc.
From the clip, we learn the song finds Spears on the way to the club to drink tequila with her "posse." And at 25 seconds long, it's double the length of at least one of the teasers shared by Team Britney in the last few days.
Those songs would be Inside Out and I Wanna Go, and if you missed those two sneak-peeks - which is entirely likely - here's the deal. All three were unleashed by Dr. Luke. The first, Inside Out - running at a little more than 10 seconds - was released into the hype-cycle just after Brit's Hold It Against Me video premiered last week.
The second sneak-peek, I Wanna Go, arrived Tuesday. But along with a 20-second sampling of the song, Luke also revealed that the Dance Mix '93-reminiscent club track was produced by Max Martin and Shellback (3, If U Seek Amy).
Femme Fatale is expected to arrive March 29.

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On The Floor (Official New Single 2011)

Jennifer Lopez To Premiere Video For 'On The Floor' On 'American Idol'

by Billboard.com

"American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez will premiere the music video for new single "On the Floor" during the singing talent show March 3.

The tune, which features Cuban-American rapper Pitbull, debuted this week at No. 40 on Billboard's Pop Songs chart and at No. 26 on the Dance/Club Play Songs chart. The RedOne-produced track is the lead single from Lopez's upcoming seventh album, "Love?," due to be released on March 29 on Island Def Jam.

The "Idol" stage is no stranger to song and/or video premieres, including ones from its judges -- in 2008, former judge Paula Abdul premiered the video for "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow," from Randy Jackson's "Music Club: Volume 1" album. The song sold 32,000 copies in the week the video premiered and improved to 35,000 the following week (selling 413,000 to date), but didn't do as well at radio, reaching only No. 62 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The release of "On the Floor" comes following a lackluster few years for Lopez's music sales. Her 2007 album "Brave" failed to chart any singles inside the top 30 on Billboard's Hot 100 and sold 650,000 copies worldwide -- a marked decrease from her previous millions-selling albums, resulting in the singer's release from Epic Records.

But Lopez's new gig as an "Idol" judge seems to provide a stellar opportunity to revive her music career's fortunes. Following a first run on "Idol's" initial episodes in which she was branded as a more positive, non-critical force, Lopez has stepped up her critiques in recent episodes, though last night's episode resulted in the 41-year-old breaking down following the emotional cut of fan favorite Chris Medina.

JR Reitz, PD at WHFN (Fun 107)/New Bedford, Mass., said of "On the Floor": "We thought the song was a hit the first time we listened. It's the perfect Jennifer Lopez song, her voice sounds great, and Pitbull makes it very contemporary and relavant. The song is already a hit in our market and I think she can easily have more."

MTV news On the Floor set
Uploaded by LinaLo1511. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lawyers Ask Court To Lift California Gay Marriage Ban

WASHINGTON -- In the wake of the Obama administration's decision Wednesday to cease its legal defense of a federal ban on gay marriage, gay-rights advocates are looking to lift the notorious state-level ban in California that remains in place during a protracted appeals process even after being declared unconstitutional.
The American Foundation for Equal Rights, a group founded to overturn Proposition 8, the 2008 California ballot initiative that prohibited gay marriage,filed a motion Wednesdayasking the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to end its stay of the ban. A Ninth Circuit judge struck down Proposition 8 in August, but left it in effect pending appeal efforts. The Supreme Court of California agreed last week to consider the issue, but will not hear oral arguments until next fall.
The foundation argued the stay should be lifted given the long timetable for a final decision on the law, claiming the ban will deal damage to gay families in the meantime.
"You can't just say 'Wait six months and then you'll get your constitutional rights,'" Theodore Olson, co-lead counsel for the rights organization, said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday. "Continuing to separate them out as a different class is harmful every day."
Word of the filing came just hours after President Barack Obama announced that he considers the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, to be unconstitutional. The Justice Department will no longer defend the law in court.
The fight over Prop. 8 features some interesting parallels with Obama's move on DOMA. In August, key California officials, including former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and current Gov. Jerry Brown, then the attorney general, decided not to defend the ban against further legal battles.
In their place, proponents of Prop. 8 have tried to appeal the ruling, but it remains unclear whether they have the legal authority to do so. The federal appeals court asked the state supreme court to first rule on whether the groups can appeal, possibly long delaying a final ruling.
Last week, the American Foundation for Equal Rights filed a request with the state supreme court to expedite its ruling, but the foundation has grown more impatient with the ongoing delays.
"It would be one thing to have a stay if the determination was going to come relatively shortly ... now it's going to take considerably longer to get this resolved, so we think it's appropriate to ask the Ninth Circuit Court" to end its order preventing gay marriage, said David Boies, AFER's other lead counsel.
Although it is unclear when the courts will respond to the requests, the lawyers said Obama's announcement on DOMA could help their case.
"I think the combination of what the California Supreme Court did by suggesting it might take up to a year to resolve the procedural questions and what the U.S. government did today might induce the Ninth Circuit Court to respond very quickly," Olson said.