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Thursday, 29 September 2011

If u can't beat join em lol

I wouldn't leave @steve_pena unattended or else this happens

I think Justice is pregnant in this one with Steve & I

With Justice Paige & Steve Pena backstage MMN Richs

@steve_pena backstage after The show MMN Richs

Drinking b4 I get naked at MMN

Kissing @steve_pena in the shadow box for MMN

Performing with @steve_pena at MMN

In the shadow box of MMN

Giving away a @brenteverett Fleshjack at Military Madness

Dancing at Military Madness

Photo from above Military Madness

The Military Madness Night Dancers at Richs

It's coming

Politics & Porn meet

Tap that ass Thursday

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Get to Richs line down block

Line down The block

Cliff & Brodie

Blowing & fuckin

Behind scenes fuk

More fuckin 2

Love this one

More fuckin



Hot 3

Blow Jobs


Everyone is getting ready

AD for 2nites Military Madness Cum Celebrate End of DADT