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Friday, 30 July 2010

See us u could get lucky with one

See Brent Everett LIVE on Sunday @ 4pm Pacific

Steve and I are here in Vancouver for the annual Pride Festival Weekend. Friday night we celebrated (a bit too much) at Celebrities Night Club, so cum visit with me tomorrow, SUNDAY at 4pm Pacific time. ;-)

- Brent

An American Jock @ a Canadian Pride

Tonight don't miss us at Celebrities. Say hi:-)

The party in San Diego is on Saturday

The windows r big

Check out our view of Vancouver

Watch Brent Everett live on Saturday @ 4pm Pacific

Steve and I just arrived in Vancouver for the annual Pride Festival Weekend. Cum visit with me tomorrow at 4pm Pacific time. ;-)

- Brent

The best place to party this Saturday in San Diego

Lord look at all our crap. The gay bird is in the box lol. Love it

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Me & my younger brother in front of his hot truck

A Harley Davidson family photo lol

My shirt says Got JUC? (juicy uncut cock)

Why do I have a chocolate titty in my mouth :-) lol kiki Nixon luv u

Cum grab my hose lol

Your late nite hump day pick me up. U pick ur poison:-)

With our boy Scott

My peace sign


The gay rays shine on me. Pretty cool shot by @steve_pena

From friend: "First homeless man to ask me for money then get on his cell phone. Only in Corpus Christi TEXAS!"

Open with caution: steve getting stitches removed

SK, Canada reminds me so much of the flat lands of Texas

My dad @Claude_Donna loves this sign. Like father like son

Happy Hump Day!