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Friday, 30 April 2010

Chi Chi VIP launches with a hot interview and the first new nudes from C1R exclusive Brent Everett.


Chi Chi VIP launches with a hot interview and the first new nudes from C1R exclusive Brent Everett.

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) – Channel 1 Releasing launches ChiChiVIP.com this morning, the studio’s official blog with plans to update the page daily for the most devoted fans of C1R, Chi Chi LaRue and their stars.

The blog launches with the first interview and new nudes of C1R exclusive BRENT EVERETT since signing the superstar to the studio’s roster. Everett reveals exclusively to Chi Chi VIP plans for a fourth installment in the popular “Little Big League” series. He also discusses his favorite scene partners, movies and the time he had sex in Chi Chi LaRue’s bed!

Chi Chi VIP also launches with photos from the Los Angeles release party for “Steven Daigle: Stalked” and the promos for the new “Live & Raw” which returned to C1R.com this week, now shot in HD with the first installment featuring gay porn star ROD DAILY in a dildo show slamming his beautiful butt while taking questions and position requests from viewers!

Updated daily with exclusive reader discounts, photo content, porn star Q&A’s, trailers and more, for the ultimate fan of the biggest porn stars in the world, ChiChiVIP.com is the place to be!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

See Jakob LIVE this Saturday @ 2pm pst where he'll be breaking in some new meat

U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan Remake Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ Music Video

from mediaite.com

Well this isn’t something one normally finds in your inbox. It appears that some enterprising young soldiers stationed at a the U.S. Military base in Afghanistan have put together their own very lo-fi remake of Lady Gaga’s music video for her hit song “Telephone.” Warning, the following video is by turns both sweet and disturbing.

Very little is known about the participants in this video except that a lot of strangers will now love them. Also, a lot of strangers will likely mock them as well, but there is no question that they are having a lot of fun. The YouTube page that initially uploaded the video has the following description:

This is a couple guys located in afghanistan, that re-made the music video by Lady Gaga….Telephone. Prepare yourself for a fantastical journey. Right now this is the temporary version, we have more scenes to cut, and edit, however with guys always on mission it is harder to film than you think.

Good news! There is a better version to come!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

See ME LIVE @ FLEX nightclub in Kansas City, MO during GAY PRIDE

Happy Hump Day!

What's Coming Up Guys

Hey Boys, Happy HUMP DAY! Hope you boys are having a great week so far. As for me, it's been non stop work. The Steve's military party a huge success. Thanks Michael Mac, Chris Braga and SPIN night club for helping bring back the largest gay military party;-)
Hmmm, I hear encore???

So what do we have coming up boys??? Well, the www.BuyBrent.com Store is Up and RUNNING. Check out it! It's got a little of everything. There will be more up soon.

This Friday I'm having a photoshoot with a really good and famous photographer from LA. Can't really say more, but it's for an important spread in an LA magazine right in time for LA Gay Pride. We have a new partnership which you'll hear about soon in a day or so & that's what this is all for. I'll be in the parade on the float with some of my boys and more. Can't wait for that!!! That's all taking place in JUNE (12-13th to be exact).

I'll be in Ft Lauderdale Florida for a Movie shoot with Chi Chi Larue and Doug Jeffries starting May 9th. I might do a couple of appearances while i'm there, but it all depends on timing. That's going to go all week then I'm back in San Diego for a couple of club events here in Southern Cali.

I'll be in PA for a 2-3 city stop right at the end of MAY. I'll have those cities for you this week.

I'll also be in Kansas City MO for FLEX and their Gay pride activities. That's all JUNE 4th. I'll have those ads and more soon too.

After that we hit Canada and beyond boys. Hope I'm near you boys.

If not, I will be soon.

Brent Everett

Some Candids from MMN

Kelis: Acaella I LOVE THIS SONG

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Who Says the Military doesn't have sense of humor?

Random Cool Stuff: Gaga A Capella: University Of Oregon Group NAILS Lady Gaga Songs (WATCH)

On the Rocks is the University of Oregon's "premiere" male a capella group -- and boy, can they do Lady Gaga. Check out their medly of Gaga songs, performed sans instruments and with choreography:

Random Cool Stuff: SNL's Stefon talks about NYC's cool hot spots

Monday, 26 April 2010

Short Video from my iphone of Military Madness Night on stage

I'll have a higher quality video up really soon along with pics. The vid gives you an idea of the boys and such. It was so much fun & a HUGE SUCCESS! THanks again boys

In the mean time here's an old video from our First Event here in SD:

Short video of military madness from iPhone.

videoBetter video will be up soon. Thank u to everyone who showed up to
support our event. It was a huge success!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Vote 4 ME to be the NEXT FLESHJACK Boy!


Who Will Become The Next Fleshjack Boy?

Fleshjack will be holding a contest to find new faces for their Fleshjack Boys line

April 14, 2010 - Austin, Texas

Fleshjack, the #1 selling gay sex toy in the world, has started its voting process to find additional porn stars for their Fleshjack Boys line of products. Eighteen models were nominated by Fleshjack customers and three will be selected as finalists to become Official Fleshjack Boys. BRENT EVERETT being the one YOU Vote for:-)

Daniel Pacheco, affiliate manager for Fleshjack, said "Fleshjack is constantly seeking to improve and expand our product line. We're striving to ensure our customers are satisfied, the customers opinions are certainly appreciated." Pacheco added, "We are working with several of the top and most popular gay porn stars, all of the boys nominated have worked hard to get where they're at today. I wish all of the contestants the best of luck."

The contest officially starts on April 14, 2010 and ends on May 14, 2010 at 11:59pm PST. You may cast your vote by visiting HERE TO VOTE FOR ME.

Remember to vote for Brent Everett!!!

Here's the LINK as well http://www.fleshjack.com/boy-search/detail/brent-everett/

Celebrity COCKS: Jamie Kennedy from Finding Bliss

TGIF boys!

H/T to @GayMoviesdotCom

Tim Tebow Who's now with the Denver Broncos is stripped to his underwear

from tabloidprodigy.com

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Jesus of Florida strips to his undies! Former Gator QB Tim Tebow participated in the Gatorade Performance Lab at Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, and underwent some body composition analysis–and lots of sweating–in this behind-the-scenes video. Florida Jezus has a mighty fine Tiny Tim in his undies! HOT. If you don’t like it, go sip on some Hater-ade.

Lots of stills and two different videos of the shoot after the jump!

And for you feet freaks, this baby will have your keyboard all kinds of skeeted up!


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Taylor Lautner Spotted At Gay Party

by queerfilter.com

Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Show

Taylor Lautner was spotted at a gay party at the home of openly gay X-Men director Bryan Singer (pictured below and VERY hot) last Thursday. Singer is notorious for throwing exclusive parties for Hollywood gays, and according to Limelife, a source said Lautner left the party well into the wee hours of the night. “Taylor is the new great gay hope. Ricky Martin coming out is about as exciting to the gay community as Larry King posing naked in Playgirl,” the source told Limelife. “The mere thought of Taylor Lautner being gay is what gay men everywhere are dreaming about.” He added: “Think about it. Teenage girls have moved on from Taylor Lautner to Justin Bieber. Maybe they sense something.”

IS ANYONE SURPRISED that wolf-boy possibly enjoys bobbing for Vienna sausages? Remember, he was only seen at the gaaaaay soiree. Nobody saw any of the ‘ol beej-then-spit (or swallow if you’re nasty, holla!) action in the dark corner. Ah, to be a fly on the wall at that party….

MTV Breaks New Ground With a Show About a boy with a Giant Tool (VIDEO)

MTV Breaks New Ground With a Show About a Giant Tool (VIDEO)

Get ready to meet the new big man on campus, people. Like, the really big man on campus.

MTV plans to raise a few eyebrows in June, when it premieres a new series about a massive tool. And not the kind of massive tools that run around and preen on The Hills every week. No, The Hard Times of RJ Berger centers around a high-school loser (played by Paul Iacono) whose life is turned around when his schoolmates discover his massive endowment—in the pants.

That's right, people: He has a big'un. And while the concept may sound a little hard to swallow, if the rules of heartfelt teenage comedies hold true, we will all learn, laugh and cry as the tale of his giant unit unspools on the little screen.

Want a little taste of what's to come? Check out the series trailer and a behind-the-scenes featurette on the show:

Football hunk Ivan Pillud webcam pics surface showing he has HUGE COCK

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

See me LIVE Thursday at 4pm pst & Kayden Hart Saturday at 2pm

You don't want to miss either show. CLICK HERE To see both shows!

Were You a Glee DVR Victim? Watch Glee Like a Prayer Video Here!


Glee fans who put their faith in their trusty TiVos and DVRs last night to capture their favorite show were betrayed when the recording cut off before the episode ended! American Idol was to blame, naturally, running over into designated Glee time and confusing our poor DVRs. Damn you American Idol!

Glee (FOX)

Glee (FOX)

Fear not, Glee fans, you can watch the last few minutes of the show online and don’t have to take a hammer to your DVR (or American Idol producers’ heads). For those poor souls who didn’t get the fabulous last three minutes of Glee, you can check out the last five minutes and the final performance of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” below. We apologize for the dratted commercial interruption, but such is the price one has to pay sometimes for good video. Enjoy!

U.K. Reality Stars Gay Bashed in Real Life - Although They're Straight

by Kilian Melloy
Edge contibutor 

Homophobic viewers of a U.K. reality show have begun to subject two men who appear in the most recent season of the program--apparently not realizing that the men are not, in fact, gay.

The confusion might be forgivable, even if the anti-gay harassment and violence the men, who live in Bristol, have suffered is not. A site dedicated to local news,thisisbristol.co.uk, reported on April 21 that the TV series, titled Coach Trip, often features couples competing against other couples during a bus trip to various European destinations. Each week, one couple is voted off the bus. The two men, Romane Hole and Nathan Evans, are both straight and are just friends, but they jokingly held hands when they boarded the bus at the start of the journey, which commenced in Athens.

"We had no idea how gay we were going to look by holding hands," said Evans. "Then all the way through the series, the [episodes] seem to have been edited to make us look as if we are a homosexual couple, rather than a pair of straight friends."

Though the men were on the bus through to the end of the current season, that also means that they are in every episode--and viewers see them, week to week. Some viewers not only have gotten the wrong idea about the men, but have allegedly acted in violently homophobic ways based on that impression. 

"Ever since that first episode appeared on the television, we have suffered name-calling and constant verbal abuse in the streets--mostly from gangs of teenagers, who seem to think it's funny to call us gay," said Hole, adding that, "at its worst, the abuse has included physical attacks. I had a bottle thrown at me as I was walking down Park Street last week, while the attackers shouted homophobic abuse at me."

Some gay men have also gotten the wrong idea. Said Hole, "The other side of the coin, is that we have also become sort of gay icons. I've been inundated by homosexual men who have contacted me via Facebook, to ask for casual sex and to make other indecent proposals."

"We want to make it absolutely clear, neither of us are gay," said Evans. "We've got nothing against gay people, but we would just like to set the record straight."

Anti-gay violence that targets straights is not uncommon, particularly when the victims are from other cultures where straight men are comfortable with physical affection and physical proximity to other men. In one case that has since become notorious, an Ecuadorian immigrant named Jose Sucuzhanay and his brother were set upon by two attackers as they walked down a street in Brooklyn. The attackers, Hakim Scott and Keith Phoenix, jumped out of an SUV, broke a bottle over the head of Jose, and chased his brother, Romel; they then took a baseball bat from the van and beat Jose so badly that he later died. Neither Jose nor his brother were gay, but the men in the SUV seemingly thought that they were because the men were huddled together against the cold. 

The attackers are now on trial for Sucuzhanay's death, with Phoenix--who wielded the bat--saying that the beating he delivered was done in self-defense and that he thought Sucuzhanay was reaching for a gun. Scott's attorney, meanwhile, has said that the attack "was never about hate, never about prejudice," even though the attackers reportedly shouted anti-gay and anti-Hispanic epithets as they were attacking the men.

"Empathy for a victim whose innocence becomes all the more pronounced considering they were chosen on a false premise is part of the reason why cases where perception--and not actual sexual orientation--that get the most attention," Sharon Staple, executive director of the Gay & Lesbian Anti Violence Project, told EDGEfor a March 31, 2009, article, with the effect that heterosexuals who might not otherwise care about the issue might "stop and say this could happen to any of us, because it's not about who we are. It's about who the perpetrator thinks we are." Says Staple, "we can come together as a community and to say this isn't right. This sort of violence shouldn't happen to anybody."

The same article noted that heterosexuals who ally themselves with gays can become targets of homophobic rage by association, as has been known to happen to straight members of gay-straight alliances (GSAs) at schools.

Moreover, in certain contexts, boisterous heterosexuality is required in order for men to accept one another as straight; the EDGE article noted that straight military personnel whose religious views forbid extramarital sex are sometimes targeted as "gay" by their male peers.

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Military Madness night is finally here

Steve's long awaited party for all the gay/bi/straight military people out there or just anyone who loves the military peeps is finally here. I think you boys will love the event. It's so much fun and i don't know about you but i'm turned on by boys in uniform;-) A fetish I picked up from Steve. lol.

Hope you boys can CUM!

If you're in San Diego or surrounding area make sure you come and
party the night away with me steve and some of the boys from BrentEverett.com
. It's gonna rock!

It's a party for all those who Serve, have served or just love a man
in uniform. All active duty military get in free before midnight.

Swimming with the Dolphins

While in the cayman islands. Got a kiss in:-))) cute eh?

President Obama Loses It On Gay Rights Protester! (Relatively Speaking)

from mediaite.com

President Obama is famous for keeping his cool, but at a fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) last night, he became visibly angry with gay rights protesters who interrupted his speech with a plea for equality.

He asked the protesters if they wanted to come onstage, then said, “Barbara (Boxer) and I are supportive of repealing ‘Don’t ask/Don’t tell,’ so I don’t know why you’re hollering.”

It’s a testament to Obama’s cool that such a fleeting demonstration of his ire stood out so much, especially when you recall the patience he displayed for Fox News’ Brett Baier.

The President seemed affronted by the protesters, and perhaps he had a right to. Obama has a much better record of achievement on LGBT rights than any other President, even just recently signing a memorandum extending hospital visitation and other rights to same-sex partners. He probably feels like there should be no doubt as to whose corner he is in.

However, as Kerry Eleveld points out, progress on DADT has been fitful, gaining momentum with highly-publicized announcements, then fizzling behind closed doors. The LGBT community’s impatience with this issue is underscored by the fact that, just this hour, Eleveld reports that Lt. Dan Choi and 5 other vets have again chained themselves to the White House fence.

Also problematic for the President is his thread-the-needle Frankenstance on the issue of gay marriage, and the fact that some of his achievements are viewed by the community as half-measures.

I think President Obama overestimates the amount of goodwill he is owed by the LGBT community, just as I think the LGBT community doesn’t take into consideration the degree to which they are better off if Obama simply stays out of the way on gay issues.