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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

SEX IN PUBLIC!: Brent Everett & Mitchell Rock Caught On Store Security Cams!

  By: JasonSechrest of Jason Curious.com


It’s arrived! The second episode of Channel 1 Releasing’s epic new web sex series, “Raising the Bar” is here! And wait until you see Mitchell Rock’s entry into the sex contest!
This one features him getting slammed by the phenomenal Brent Everett as Mitchell gets off knowing its all being captured by the store’s security cams.
Brent works Mitchell’s hole over with a dildo good before slamming his thick cock in and out of him until Mitchell is thoroughly satisfied.
One of both C1R superstars best scenes yet!


Dan said...

Brent when R U going to bottom again? I would like to see U bottom or flipflop with Jimmy Durano.

Anonymous said...

WOO! Finally, something cool on the blog. Used to have more like this before the upgrade? love the shot of Brent with camera and gym shoes, his cock all ready for action, as usual.Keep up the good work. But truthfully, the blog used to be alot better!

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