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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pink's 'Raise Your Glass' video toasts to fat girls, gay dudes, and Rosie the Riveter

by Tanner Stransky

You know that awesome single “Raise Your Glass” that Pink released about a month ago for inclusion on her forthcoming greatest hits album? Well, she’s upped the ante for the song with a provocative, hilarious, winky new video for the rousing single, which debuted today. Pink has said before that she wrote the song for all the underdogs out there—hence inspiring lyrics like “so raise your glass if you are wrong—in all the right ways—all my underdogs”—so it’s no surprise that the clip features several very weird situations featuring people that you might call—how shall we say it?—less fortunate.
Anyway, there’s the fat girl eating lunch between two cardboard cutouts of skinny gals (don’t worry—fat girl gets her moment); Pink singing at a gay wedding (which features two dudes kissing—apparently the thing du jour in pop music videos these days, just see Katy Perry’s recent video for “Firework”); and a dairy farm that features blindfolded women being milked for a baby calf to drink (it’s a rather startling image).
Of course, the supposed-to-be empowering imagery doesn’t stop there! No, no. Pink shows up as a WWII-esque Rosie the Riveter, Pink jabs a bullfighter instead of a bull, and Pink appears possibly being scandalous with different religious figures. It’s a thoughtful, endlessly watchable video, just what we’d all expect from the always-on-her-toes Pink. Watch it for yourself here:
It’s kinda overload, eh? But, also, it’s kinda awesome, right? Love it? Hate it? Do you feel like you’re represented as an “underdog” here in Pink’s video for “Raise Your Glass”? Lemme know in the


Drew said...

I thought the video is great.

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