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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hottie of the Day: River V


sdboys said...

Whoa! That boy is hot as hell!

Eric, Brent's best french fan said...

River Viiperi is for me the most handsome model of the fashion world! And he has a funny and nice personnality.

djem said...

bulgarian language:
Да, той е сладък ! Винаги съм го харесвал, но той трябва да направи още малко релеф на тялото си.

english language:
Yes, he is cute! I've always liked him, but he needs to do a little relief to your body.

Anonymous said...

He would be great as a porn star in a JB film *being that the real JB isnt as hot and is a total ignorant jerk due to the fact that he thinks being gay is a choice and that rape happens for a reason a gay porn with this guy as jb getting his ass fucked be best *

Wow i kinda rambled but oh well

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