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Monday, 22 November 2010

Gonna be on the cover of Frontiers Magazine this week

Just got word from Jason Sechrest that I'll be featured in Frontiers this week and on the cover! Awesome!  I can't wait to show u boys oh and my good friend Brent Corrigan will also be featured with 10 things... in the magazine as well.

The Brents together again in one place;-)) lol

Had a blast in Sacramento and can't wait to go back.  Lots of cute boys and Jeff, Terry, Eddie & Reynard all did a great job taking care of me and steve.  we got to hang out with stud muffin Jordan Jaric and Brett Anderson. We had a blast & Those boys sure knew how to have fun.

I'll have some pics posted soon and check out twitter for updates etc.

I'll be enjoying my Thanksgiving here in Cali and then I'm off to The Cayman Islands for the first part of my holiday vacation.  Then Texas for the 2nd part 2 weeks later.  Then after that I'll be in NYC for New Years with Alan and the bois;-) Mike Warner look out!

Love u boys,
Brent Everett


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