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Friday, 17 September 2010

Steve Pena, Brent Everett’s Hunky Husband, Is SO HOT!

from Queermenow blog:

Look what I just found in my inbox! The reader named xxxPORNiC sent me these screen caps of Brent Everett’s Hunky Husband, Steve Pena. I thought Pena was just a cameraman during Brent Everett’s live cam show on BRENTEVERETT.COM. Obviously I was wrong. He joins his husband in front of camera as well. And I hope he would show more skin next time ;-)


+ More of Brent Everett

+ Follow their Twitter: @Steve_Pena @BrentEverett


Anonymous said...

*Hottest gay couple of the year *

Eric, Brent's best french fan ! said...

Steve is hot, it has an amazing body, a cul muscular, powerful arms and I like his tattoo around the navel, it makes me want to lick (sorry Brent!). You are the hottest couple! And in addition you are smart!

Eric, Brent's best french fan said...

To be clear in my previous message, I wanted to say that "Steve is hot, with an amazing body and a muscular ASS". In french, an ass is "un cul"

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