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Thursday, 23 September 2010

My dick is calling u pick up the phone


http://xmovies.blogsome.com/ said...

your blog is very interesting!
can you exchange the link?
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Please let me know when you link me!

ron thomson said...

boy if it could talk the stories it would have lol...p.s. yummy

Ray Avito said...

Dang, Brent...this is the most interest I've had in a phone, like, ever...everett...


oh my god!!!

is good!!

is beautiful!!!

oh yeah!!

Eric, Brent's best french fan said...

Is your dick is calling my lips ????

I received my dvd F*CK U, and Brent you're hotter than ever!!!

PS: I just ordered your soccer gear on BuyBrent, could you prepare it especially for me,??? ;-) Thanks, I love you and Steve.

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