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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Just Updated! See whats new in the store


Eric, Brent's best french fan said...


I love the new products from your shop.

Saturday, I ordered your soccer gear because I saw you with this short on a photo of the L. A Gay Pride and that you were super sexy with this short. But today I saw this product was still on sale, is there a problem with my order?

French kiss to Steve and you

Brent Everett said...

Hey sexy. Most likely the order was mark for processing but hasn't been shipped. Reason being that we just back from Folsom and now plan on leaving for Florida wed morning. We will try to get all orders out for deliveray asap
hope that helps. I'm a little loopy as write this due to my sleep meds lol

Eric, Brent's best french fan said...

You're so nice Brent!!

have a good night and a good trip in Florida!

And a frenchkiss for Steve and you! You make me believe in gay marriage!

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