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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How do you mold a Pornstar Fleshjack?

Entire post from Dewayneinsd.com

Well if your Fleshjack the worlds Best selling sex toy, very very carefully, mix in three hot porn stars,Brent Everett,Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods along to keep Pierre company and act as personal fluffer err shaver. ;-) Ace photographer Gio Caruso to shoot the publicity stills, Albert n Texas to do the behind the scenes pix and Daniel Fierce managing it all. Oh wait where was the 3rd Fleshjack contest winner Brent Corrigan?

In Seattle shooting Judas Kiss he will get his molding done September 5th in Ft Lauderdale and be making personal appearance as well.

I will let Albert take over…

Brent Everett and Pierre Fitch, two of three Fleshhjack boys selected by on-line popular vote, came to Fleshjack Headquarters in Austin, Texas to have their mouth, cock and butt molded for use as Fleshjack toys.

With Brent (left observing the result) was his husband, Steve Pena and with Pierre was Ralph Woods. Gio Caruso flew in from Florida to take the promotional photos and I drove up from San Antonio to take the behind the scenes pictures.

Daniel Fierce of Fleshjack had a huge variety of sandwiches from Jason’s Deli on the dining table as well as a variety of sodas, juices chips and dips available for everyone. Daniel had flown in a molding expert from Santa Fe to do the actual molding.

Fleshjack Headquarters is not easy to find and not identified outside. Inside it is the most impressive office space I have ever seen in my 55 years. I think to describe it would be a violation of trust. Gio was shooting in a large permanent studio. Half the shooting area is green screen and the other half has a huge variety of backdrops available. For this shoot, Gio chose flat black.

A large restroom across the hall from the studio was used for the actual molding. I bounced back and forth from that to the studio as molding material set and time allowed.

Brent Everett was the first molding subject while Gio started promotional images with Pierre. I had never met Brent or Steve until this day but they both knew my DeWayne. They accepted me as a trusted familiar and Brent allowed me to take photos of his mouth and butt molding. He and Steve spent some time alone together for him to get prepared for the hard cock molding which they did in private.

Pierre Fitch (left) had no clue who I was or what I was doing so was understandably more cautious. Still, I got enough shots that you get the idea of the uncomfortable reality of this process. This was work.

It had not occurred to Pierre to shave his pubes before arriving so Ralph Woods helped him with that. Ralph is so much more beautiful in person then I have ever seen in photos. Lean, cut muscled and a smile to melt your heart.

It was a great privilege to be able to take these photos so others can share a bit of the experience. This was work for all involved and Brent Everett tweeted that he was going to take a nap after this. I went to the Midtowne Spa, got a single room and did the same thing. The boys showed up later for their appearance there and I snapped a handful of pics. It was a joy to meet these guys and I thank Fleshjack and Daniel for allowing me to do this.

Brent Corrigan will fly to Florida Labor Day weekend for his molding and photoshoot with Gio Caruso. I think I will stay in Texas but it was an education watching Gio work. Thank you sir and thanks to all involved. Enjoy the pics.

Albert n Texas

Gio Caruso shows Brent Everett images

Pierre Fitch and Gio

Ralph Woods relaxing

Brent Everett

Finished Molds

Behind the Scenes Gallery


Anonymous said...

cant wait to get me one of those !!! perfect cock & ass lol

sdboys said...

I'm really looking forward to having Brent Everett's fine ass all to myself. ;)

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