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Friday, 20 August 2010

This Saturday in San Diego don't miss this


Anonymous said...

Hello Brent...Probably you think I'm just another guy ... I am a huge fan of yours. You would not believe how I admire and love you.
Please ... add me in messenger .. or at least send me an email ...
PLEASE! PLEASE! I beg you. My email: carlinhas_sl@hotmail.com
I have 21 years.

Huge kiss.

Abi said...

Hello my name is Abi, I am the owner of the blog www.abigay.com want to exchange links with our blog, is it possible? Reply me please, thanks.

Oscar said...

So, its near a week that we havnt any news of you?

Anonymous said...

Ok...you know you have to respond to the Wyler announcement...did you write your post about safe sex because you knew this story was going to break?

Dallas, TX

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