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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Our Married Kiss at the California State Capitol in Sacramento



Hi Brent & Steve!

It was really great meeting you and your husband Steve at Celebrities Night Club in Vancouver for the imaginarium event.

I'm Kaila aka the circus girl, if you don't rememebr. Anyway, you gave me your email so that I could get the photos from you, but I got an auto message reply.

I'd love to see the pictures!!

Joackyn said...

hola brent, te invito a que veas mi blogger lol......la verdad siempre veo tu pagina web, osea esta pagina......eres grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan said...

As a former Californian, I am so happy for you all! What a great day worth celebrating!! Have a drink (or two) on me!!

Wish I knew you were in Portland, earlier this week.

Carlos said...

Hey Brent, Thanks for share a piece of ur life with all us in this blog. We love u bby ^^
Geetings from Spain

p/d The pic is lovely

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