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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Have a Great Weekend, Guys!

Here's some upcoming new/events information!

It's been a crazy week back home and wow were we behind in work. I've been in the studio all week and then behind a computer catching up on technical/office work. I hate that side but it had to be done. Our assistant has been out all week too so we've been running around with cocks out of our jeans.

I'm just happy the week has come to an end. We will be up in LA this Saturday for the DVD release party at Chi Chi LaRue's & FUBAR. I'll be appearing live with the always sexy Jason Pitt. The event will be DJ'd by the one and only Chi Chi LaRue & hosted by Jason Sechrest.

After that I'll stay up in LA for the making of my DILDO. Lots of you boys have been waiting for a long time for this to happen and it's finally gonna take place. I'll be doing this on Tuesday & I'm sure Steve will be taking some "behind-the-scenes" pix for you guys to see.

Then it's back home to San Diego for a couple days to catch up on more work and get some rest before we go to Austin, Texas for the big FLESHJACK making. I'll be there with Pierre Fitch, and he gets in the same day as we do, and I'm sure we'll have a great time. Last time we hung out it was a fun, fun time with him, Ralph Woods, Steve and me.

Once the fleshjacks are made, we'll go to Midtown Spa for a fun fun event with all the Canadian Boys. It'll be one HOT night in Austin, Texas. Details are on the image above.

So guys, have a great weekend and when you get the chance, don 't forget to click on the image below to nominate me for the Cybersocket Awards. Your vote is very much appreciated.

Brent Everett


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