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Monday, 9 August 2010

Brian Webb's interview/story of Brent Everett, Part 1

Link to story & his blog: http://ow.ly/2nhIa
Written by: Brian Webb

During Vancouver Pride I had the pleasure to meet and talk with male porn star Brent Everett and his husband Steve Pena.

Brent and Steve recently bought a three-bedroom, three-bath home in San Diego, California. Brent was especially excited because while they were in BC they were going to pick-up all his belongings to bring with them back to their new home. As Brent said, he had everything in storage for the last few years just in case things didn't work out. Clearly, that wasn't an issue at all. They have been happily married for almost two years.

For a guy that is only 26 years old, Brent has a lot of accomplishments behind his name. In 2005 Brent established his own production company and website, By 2006 had released his first produced video. Fast forward to 2010 and his hard work is still paying off.

This summer Brent is releasing three new videos and a fourth is on the way.

Just released this past week was Brent Everett Is Wetter Than Ever, featuring Brent Everett and Donny Wright. Filmed by All Worlds Video and available from Channel 1 Releasing.

Recently released was F*ck U, starring Brent Everett and Steven Daigle, who you may remember was on Season 10 of the CBS Reality show Big Brother. F*ck U was directed by Chi Chi Larue and is available from Channel 1 Releasing.

Also recently released was Grand Slam: Little Big League 4. Brent Everett returns to the series in this fourth installment from director Doug Jeffries. The most successful twink series of all time, "Grand Slam" is positioned to be biggest of all time. It is available now from Channel 1 Releasing.

The fourth video isn't out yet; Brent is still shopping around for the right distributor, but he assures his fans it's going to be good.

In the meantime, if you want to get your fill of Brent, you can catch him performing live shows on his website at www.brenteverett.com, or buy a piece of Brent memorabilia at www.buybrent.com.

Brent will also be launching a third site soon, www.xguyslive.com. This new site will feature areas for both male and female interests. The site is still under construction.

The most interesting thing about meeting Brent and Steve was just how easy going and down to earth they are. They are both very genuine people. They laugh, have fun and are extremely friendly.

Brent is very thankful to all his loyal fans over the years. "I would be no where without my fans. I love them to death," Brent said. "Some of them have been members since the beginning." To that point, Brent tries to personally reach-out to everyone who takes the time to contact him.

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