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Friday, 13 August 2010

Brent Everett; Barebacking or Safer Sex?

August 12, 2010
Written by Brian Webb

When heart-throb Brent Everett debuted in Barebacking Across America for Tipo Sesso in 2003 with his then boyfriend, Chase Evans, practicing safer sex wasn’t really much of a concern. At just 18 years old, Everett was featured in a number of films having unprotected anal intercourse with a number of performers.

Fast forward to today and Brent’s personal policy and beliefs have changed. Brent is a firm believer in the use of condoms and safer-sex practices. He credits his change in behaviour in part to Chi Chi Larue, one of the studios he works with on a regular basis, and to his husband, Steve Pena.

“The reality is, if people are given the choice between bareback and condoms, 9 out of 10 times people will choose to watch bareback,” said Everett.

Brent strongly feels that the entire industry should be pushing for the use of condoms, more education on safer sex, and raising awareness.

Gay porn producer, Chi Chi Larue is also adament about the use of safer-sex practices. Larue says:

"When I moved to LA in 1987 and took a job in promotions at Catalina Video, the AIDS crises was in full swing. I lobbied hard to William Higgins and John Travis of Catalina and Chuck Holmes at Falcon to get condoms on the models. I would like to think that some of my persuasion helped make condom movies a reality. Since then, gay porn has helped lead the way in showing gay men how to use condoms, how to have safer sex and removed some of the stigma that was associated with condoms at the time."

In straight porn there is less regulation and it’s more acceptable not to perform safer sex. “There is a double standard with straight porn,” said Everett. “[Barebacking] is just not acceptable in gay porn.”

So say goodbye to the days of Brent Everett performing bareback on screen. Everett has promised he will lead by example and always use condoms in all his future releases.


Anonymous said...

Yupp, i totally agree !! Its ok to Give head bareback but The anal' gotta wrap it lol

Anonymous said...

The great bareback debate. All fun until something goes wrong! So true of many things in life. Wrap it up and save that awesome bareback stuff till you find someone truly special!

Anonymous said...

Don't care if it's double standards: bareback in ANY brand of sex is unsafe!

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