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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Brent Everett: “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

by JasonSechrest
Read more from Jason HERE:

Kicking off a new bi-monthly feature here on the blog, “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” is gay adult film phenomenon, Brent Everett.

One of the most electrifying performers on the gay porn scene, Brent Everett has a history of having had more chart topping successes than anyone of his porn generation! Having begun his career as a drop dead gorgeous twink, he has more recently developed into a cute collegiate looking muscle jock. Brent, with the help of his husband Steve Pena, also runs his own web site, BrentEverett.com and recently became an exclusive to Channel 1 Releasing where on C1R.com you can find all his latest sex scenes. You can keep up with his career on Twitter too at Twitter.com/BrentEverett.

But those are things you already know about Brent Everett, of course. Here’s 10 things you don’t…

By Brent Everett

1. I picked my stage name to be Brent, after a guy with the same name that I hated but was secretly in love with in high school. My last name was conceived while driving through Everett, Washington, on my way to Seattle. Mt. Everest is the biggest mountain in the world, while “ever” denotes endless, like everlasting. I’m a guy with a big cock with lots of stamina. LOL. So I thought Everett was perfect as a name.

2. I’ve dated a few porn stars I’ve never really talked about. A few years ago, Falcon Studios model Roman Heart and I almost began a dating relationship when we first met while filming our movie “Super Soaked” together. … I also tried out doing a 3-way relationship with my first boyfriend “Chase” and porn star Hans Ebson when I first started out in the porn industry. We met Hans on a porn shoot for the movie “Cruising It.” The 3-way relationship lasted only a few weeks.

3. I used to date a guy who was affiliated with the biker gang Hells Angels. He, as most of my ex-boyfriends were, all Scorpios in the Zodiac. I’m currently married to a Scorpio as well! LOL

4. My biggest fantasy is watching my partner Steve fuck and get fucked by a straight guy in front of me. This has happened in reality many times before!

5. Steve and I like to test drive some of our models for BrentEverett.com, just like a new car you want to buy. ;-P

6. I was raised Roman Catholic. I have two first names, both of which are saints name.

7. I’ve dressed in drag more than once for fun. I was told every time I made a really hot chick! I just had a problem hiding my dick!

8. Although my web site has a lot of the color red, it is not my favorite color. My favorite color is blue.

9. I have a HUGE underwear fetish. Love ‘em so much! Especially worn underwear, like worn after working out.

10. I have a very large family, over 40 of us. My dad has three brothers & three sisters, while my mom has four sisters two of whom married brothers on my dad’s side. (My mom & dad married each other, then my mom’s sister married my dad’s brother!) So we are a very close family. LOL.

Click the pics below to watch some of our favorite Brent Everett scenes!


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute interview!

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