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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A picture's worth a thousand words.... in this case could also mean the people

above photo by Matthew Bietz
Gay Pride 2010

This was our view from the end of the parade on the "W" float. It was worth being at the end!

Originally we were supposed to be on the RICH's float, but our look didn't work for them. As you can see, we were going all out and wanted to be original. I understood and didn't take it to heart. I was like, let's just walk the parade route saying hi to everyone and enjoy the awesome day.

Our paint took a long time to put on so the majority of the people in the parade had already gone by, by the time we were set to step off for the parade. Luckily for us and by some lesbian making out between Dianna & another girl from the "W" hotel, we were on. JK, but Dianna did pull some strings. I think they were hesitant too, up until they took one look at us and were excited about having us. Things happen for a reason & I just think we were meant to be on that float anyway.

I hate to get mushy, but seriously guys, not even 1/3 we started to get overwhelmed with emotion. We had never felt more proud of our city San Diego. Steve told me his most memorable PRIDE experience was the TEAR GASSING OF THE CROWD . He was dead in the middle of it when it happened. Luckily for him he had already gone through tear gas training in the Navy. He knew what to do etc etc. Moral of the story is, a bad experience was the one he would remember forever. NOT ANYMORE. He told me after this one, this would be the one he'd never forget.

The sheer size and sound of the crowd that's was there marching with us was enough to hit me with tons of emotion. Steve & I at the same time had tears run down our faces. Then being the true gays we were, we stopped ourselves. We couldn't let tears ruin our makeup.

One of the anthems that I love hearing during pride is this one by Heather Small called "PROUD" its truly fitting for the occasion.

Change happens slowly, but in my short time being alive I've seen things get better. Some faster than others and others more slowly. I only hope we don't ever take anything for granted. And keep the march on. Say it loud and proud! Find a reason that you find most dear to your heart and go for it. Ours is marriage and gays being able to serve openly in the military. What's Yours?

One of the biggest problems I see is that even within our own gay community, we tend to be our own worst enemies. Not everyone is going to be a typical gay. What's typical. What should gays look like. One might be straight acting. One might be a drag queen. Butch, Fem, Bi, Whatever the case, just because you don't agree with it or understand a lifestyle, you shouldn't knock it. Keep an open mind. Supportive. We can all learn from one another.

This was where we were on the W float.

at the IVY below

You can see the hurt in my eyes.
We were tired by this point at the end of the day but kept going.

Here's our reason for fighting:

The right for everyone to marry and be just as miserable as the next person :-)

We don't usually get to do the parades and festivals on my club events because we are usually working. We purposely took this one off so we could enjoy it & experience it at home. I'm glad I did. I have never had so much fun, felt so good & been so drunk. No just kidding... lol, it's just something I hope everyone gets a chance to experience. Not everyone does.

Thanks again everyone who helped us this past weekend. And thanks so much San Diego!

Brent Everett & Steve Pena


Borderboys San Diego said...

Hope you guys have a safe trip up to Canada- hope to see you two again when you get back!

Eric, your best french fan said...

First, I apologize to all of you because I will speak french to Brent, I won't be able to say what I want to say in another langage!

Brent, j'adore la 1ère photo et ta photo de mariage parce qu'on y voit l'amour qui t'unit à Steve. Dans la 1ère, tes yeux, le geste de la main, l'alliance et ton incroyable sourire montrent l'amour qui existe entre vous deux.
Et cet amour, ainsi que la réalité d'un mariage gay (interdit en France) représentent un immense espoir pour des fans comme moi. J'espère un jour pouvoir avoir une photo comme celle-là!

J'aime la gentillesse, la stabilité, l'équilibre et le bonheur que Steve et toi, Brent, vous nous donnez depuis des années. Votre amour est une chose merveilleuse à voir pour nous!

Merci de nous faire partager cela parce qu'on est des milliers à en avoir besoin pour nous aussi continuer à se battre. On a besoin de couples comme vous pour donner une autre image de la vie gay, à la fois érotique (parce que vous êtes incroyablement sexy!) et pure.

Brent et Steve, vous méritez votre bonheur et votre succès!

Brent Everett said...

i translated it in english:
Eric, your best french fan said...
Brent, I love the first photo and your wedding photo because I see the love which unites You to Steve. In the first, your eyes, the gesture of the hand alliance your incredible smile and show the love between you two.
And this love, and the reality of gay marriage (banned in France) represent a major hope for fans like me. I hope one day to have a photo like that!

I like the friendliness, stability, balance and happiness that you and Steve, Brent, you give us for years. Your love is a wonderful thing to do for us!

Thank you for sharing with us this because we are thousands to need for us also continue to fight. We need couples like you to give another image of gay life, both erotic (because you are incredibly sexy!) And pure.

Brent and Steve, you deserve your happiness and your success!

Eric, your best french fan said...

now I can say: Brent Everett is my translator! It's so chic! Thanks Brent, you're a fantastic person!

John said...

Brent (and probably others) will hate this gay for saying he isn't for gay marriage, but hopefully not. There are a lot out there who agree with this point of you as well.
I understand the reasons why gays want the right to marry, but for me, civil unions are the way to go. I just think if we go beyond the traditional marriage of a man and a woman, then others will want to open the door even more: marry their dogs, marry their cats, have multiple spouses.
I'm glad you had a great time, and I know you and Steve are good people!

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