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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

From Chucy's Borderboys Blog. It's a really nice article and want to share it. Visit his site and give him props.


Once again today I can't do the regular post until I get some Mac compatible programs and other materials I need off the old computer on to the new one- so this is gonna be a a post about the difference between being a true superstar and being a star in one's own head.

I got an email that said, "Have you noticed that some of these guys that have just done a few scenes are changing and acting like complete douche bags to people on Twitter because they think they are suddenly "stars". I really liked ____ when he first started out but now I wouldn't watch him or give any studio he films with a dime because I don't like to support performers that think they are too important to talk to their fans and who publicly brag. Have you noticed the same thing and what do you consider to be a real star in the industry?"

One name comes to mind when I think "star" or "superstar"- Brent Everett... But let's start with something I find very distasteful, as did the reader that emailed me.

There are certain twinks, on Twitter, that have been cast in just a handful of scenes and who have also been cast by some high profile studios that have changed from being a humble newcomers to a sharp tongued, gossip and drama filled pricks.

In their minds they suddenly have decided that because they have been befriended by high profile performers or agents they are suddenly a superstar.

Well here is a bit of news for them- they are not.

I hate repeating myself but there are very few superstars, that are currently in the industry, that would have the right to act like a diva.

One is Brent Everett- but like I have said here before, despite the fact that this guy is an international superstar he always remains humble and polite on his Twits and with his fans.

He never brags about who he is hanging out with, never talks about going out and getting all fucked up to impress people- you all have seen that, the ones that brag about going out to clubs and getting all fucked up because they think that is how a cool adult "star" is supposed to act. All that, I think, just to inflate their own ego or self-esteem and importance.

In the year and a half that I have done this blog I have never seen Brent Everett doing any of that and I admire him so much for showing us the best of our industry.

Fine and dandy if someone gets cast in some juicy roles but when the person, especially if they have not even been in the industry a year yet, starts acting like they are a star...with the attitude and the self inflated ego and sense of importance that make their horsey head swell even more than it already is- it is a big turn off.

Sure there will be those fans that suck up to these kind of twinks- either because they too are pretentious pricks themselves or because they want to leach on to what they think is a popular performer. But for a lot of people it becomes a big turn off when a performer we initially liked turns into an egomaniacal idiot- who desperately wants to be a superstar but who has not done the footwork people like Brent Everett have.

So here is a message to any performer that thinks they are a superstar because you have either been cast by someone high profile or you have been befriended by one of them...that does not make you a star at all.

And being s snipey cunt to people does not make you one either.

What makes someone a real star is time, devotion and respect for fans and bloggers like me and others that are the ones that advertise their work basically for free- I can think of a lot of twink performers now that no one would have really noticed if it wasn't for people like me and Dewayne In San Diego giving them and their work publicity.

To be a real star one has to not act like a star, not making yourself more important than the next guy, and having some class.

A real star never gets into drama, never runs around twisting words and stories to make themselves look good so they can put down others they may either be jealous of or have a beef with.

Brent Everett has consistently been the classy example of what should be encouraged in the gay adult business- whether he is on his site, on Twitter or even in person and seen around town here he is a gentleman, polite and in my opinion the best example of what I consider to be a super star is.

He has done the footwork to earn it...and again the man has class. If one doesn't emulate him and chooses to act like what they think "star" twinks" should act like they are fooling themselves and making themselves look like complete idiots...and worse alienating fans they initially had.

In just a couple of weeks it will be one year since I had the pleasure of meeting Brent and his wonderful husband Steve Pena.

Last year on his blog post Brent posted this picture:

I was mesmerized...not only because he is a stunningly beautiful man in person but at the time I was in awe of how real, how unassuming and humble this man was and how, despite his international fame, he interacted with fans at the event like he was just another performer in he industry with a lot of class.

So to answer your reader question-

THAT IS A SUPERSTAR and this is why he has built a huge fan base and will continue to be one of the premiere names in the gay adult industry today and in the coming years.

Chucky thanks so much for all the kind words and support and dude we fucking love u!

And to everyone, thank so much for doing the same. I'm not perfect nor claim to be, but I do want to be a better performer, person and lover/friend for everyone in my life. I'm sure you get the jist.

Brent Everett


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