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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Great times at and during San Diego Pride 2010

SD pride was again one of the funnest times experiences ever. From drinking too much to not sleeping enough to talking out my ass and then laughing about it;-))) who doesn't eh? to finding and making new friendships. Pride is about fighting for not only our equal rights but for those who come after us so they don't have to experience any heart ache, and hate. And although most signs point to experiences like that happening no matter what. What we can do now is take small baby steps so it's easier later.

As i type this i'm also getting ready to pack for our trip home to Canada. I get to see everyone and I can't wait. I need a break form all the traveling and work and need some slow time. Then it is back to going full speed ahead. We have lots of big things planned for the fall. Some trips i can't say just yet, but it's gonna be so much fun and I hope i'm near one of you boys cities.

For now here are some pics from the weekend. These pics are from @Davidinthevally and he gave everyone who came to the party the same pictures. I just went ahead and added our logo.

Hope you boys enjoy. There's so many new porn boys that i have trouble keeping up with them. LOL. Dewayne and Chucky please help me! lol. If you know of their names please go again and let me know I'll add names we go.

I'll be posting more pics from the weekend as i get them in. Some friends have others so i'm being patient on their deed.

Dewayne, Steve, David, Brent, & Chucky

Brent Everett, Seth Serenity, Mark Miles & Steve
Ashton Michaels, Jake, & Brody West

Brent Everett, Jake Austin, Steve Pena

Brent Everett, Spencer Drake, Steve Pena

Brent, Brody West, Ashton Michaels, Steve

Brent, Philip Ashton, Chucky Bear, Steve


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