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Friday, 23 July 2010

Check out my hot family!! Miss these bitches


E-tOwnBaYbee said...

i dont know if thats your brother, but the one with a billaBong T is Faaackin cute !!
lol Big sexy in the back with a blue shirt OMG your Fam is hot
-Id tap that LoL

Anonymous said...

U shld post sum pix of ur hot taller brother shirtless again! his webshow was awesome get his shirt off.

::Sarah:: said...

Awesome and hot family you have there Brent. So, nice to see close-knitted family..:D

Eric, your best french fan! said...

I hope you'll put some pictures of your family reunion in Saskatchewan.

As I said before, I know that your mother and your father are very proud of your success and it's a fantastic thing for us. My parents never accepted my homosexuality so I think it's very important to see that your parents are so intelligent to see the great person you are (and not only your sexuality) and to accept your career.

You have this chance to have a lot of great people around you... and the better fans of the world!!!!

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