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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Thank You so much guys for Voting and helping Make this happen

The winners of the Fleshjack Boys contest are Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, and Brent Corrigan. All three models will be molded for our next Fleshjack Boys line, coming soon!


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate Pierre and Brent were selected. One of them is just nasty gross and the other is way over rated. But, congrats BE.

Eric, your best french fan said...

We promised you, we did it! Congratulations!!!

Vilo said...

I wondere whether the 3 of you would have sex with me. You have nice bodies =)

Lobovic said...

Well, congrats to all three, but especially to OUR Brent!

Two of the three winners are CANADIAN. We DO have the hottest men! Oh, Canada, eh!

Brent Everett said...

2 of 3 are canadians. 2 of 3 are from San Diego. 2 of 3 are named Brent. All 3 are connected by scorpios. Brent C & Pierre are Scorpios & my man Is a Scorpio as well. Freaky eh? Lol

Oh and I've fucked both hotties. Congrats Pierre & Corrigan.
Brent Everett

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Does this mean we will finally get a Dildo of your impressive likeness?

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