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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3 nights, 3 cities, 3 chances to see me LIVE this holiday weekend

I'll be in Pittsburgh on night 1.

I'll be in York, PA on night 2

& Catch me in Baltimore, MD on the final night


Claire said...

need a job for being a VIP~lol
anyway, so good to know ur doing a live show.
having a good time travelling? homesick?
u said u get homesick pretty easily

Claire said...

need a job to be a vip~
anyway, u having fun travelling? got homesick?
we miss u though.
good luck on ur live show. maybe i'll be able to catch one of ur show in october or something

Anonymous said...

What time will you be at Pegs? Ill be there with bells on! Can't wait to meet you. -Zeus

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