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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What's Coming Up Guys

Hey Boys, Happy HUMP DAY! Hope you boys are having a great week so far. As for me, it's been non stop work. The Steve's military party a huge success. Thanks Michael Mac, Chris Braga and SPIN night club for helping bring back the largest gay military party;-)
Hmmm, I hear encore???

So what do we have coming up boys??? Well, the www.BuyBrent.com Store is Up and RUNNING. Check out it! It's got a little of everything. There will be more up soon.

This Friday I'm having a photoshoot with a really good and famous photographer from LA. Can't really say more, but it's for an important spread in an LA magazine right in time for LA Gay Pride. We have a new partnership which you'll hear about soon in a day or so & that's what this is all for. I'll be in the parade on the float with some of my boys and more. Can't wait for that!!! That's all taking place in JUNE (12-13th to be exact).

I'll be in Ft Lauderdale Florida for a Movie shoot with Chi Chi Larue and Doug Jeffries starting May 9th. I might do a couple of appearances while i'm there, but it all depends on timing. That's going to go all week then I'm back in San Diego for a couple of club events here in Southern Cali.

I'll be in PA for a 2-3 city stop right at the end of MAY. I'll have those cities for you this week.

I'll also be in Kansas City MO for FLEX and their Gay pride activities. That's all JUNE 4th. I'll have those ads and more soon too.

After that we hit Canada and beyond boys. Hope I'm near you boys.

If not, I will be soon.

Brent Everett


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