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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Getting ready for my trip to cayman islands

Hey guys, how your spring going? So far it's been a great break from
traveling. It's been the longest time we've had at home in a long long
time. And we needed it.

Now starts our traveling and visiting you guys accross the country. We
start next week with the Cayman islands with both steve and my family.
Then Houston Texas. Then Florida with chi chi and doug jeffries.

I'll keep u posted with each city so u boys can come out and meet me.
I love seeing your sexy faces. Some of u also are interested in
modeling and that's a good time to chat about it.

You boys enjoy your week and I hope to see u at my next live show.

Brent Everett


Anonymous said...

Can you give an update on the Kidney stone problem. Thanks, Brant.

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