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Friday, 5 February 2010

Week Coming up

Hey guys,
Been crazy busy getting caught up on work that's been backed up from NOV/DEC. I'm sorry for any delays guys in getting back to you. I'm really excited this week. My show with Cade is tomorrow. My parents fly in tomorrow night. The Cybersocket awards are on Monday (so I'll be in LA) and then we have fun with the parents all week long after that. I have a couple meetings on Monday before the awards as well. Cool stuff and projects etc. Oh and I have a bday coming up too. lol.

So that along with everything is bringing a smile to my face. We have a lot of new things to report for the coming year but I'll tell you bout them soon. Till then guys, have a great weekend. If you Drink, don't drive. Love you guys,
Brent Everett


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