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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Anonymous said...

Is Apolo Anton Ohno HOT or what? I have fantaSIZEd about this guy for many years. I have to watch a Brent video to reliefe the pressure... ;-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent!
I know u like the brazilian "G Magazine" cause i saw some pics from this magazine here on blog...
This month (february 2010), the boy on cover is kind of a brazilian Taylor Lautner version LOL Their abs really looks like. :P But i guess the brazilian version might hav a bigger dick :P
Check it out:

By the way, im your nº2 fan :D (there's a lot of guys fighting for the nº1 :P)

See u ;)

Anonymous said...

Just one more tip:
This has been elected the best G Magazine cover of 2009:

It has been set on an indian scenery because brazilian tv was showing a soup-opera (novela) that had India as one of the themes ;)

obs: im sorry about my english... i nid to practise more lol


Anonymous said...

brent brent brent... I don't know why I write this message but it was needed that I say you thanks ! because I've got 16 ! and it's so difficult to live are homosewuality in my age !! because in france (I'm french of course ) my family, my friends.. nobody knows that I'm gay !! so thanks
good by ! my name is hugo

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