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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

We're off to the Cayman Islands for the Holidays

After a really stressful month, pain, hospitalization, hurt, cancelled flights, and more, it was nice to finally get on the plane headed for the Cayman Islands. Steve is spending the first part of the holidays with his family in Texas because his dad recently had a stroke. He's hospitalized right now.

This changed all our holiday plans, because both our families were going to spend Christmas together on Grand Cayman where my parents live. So Steve's spending the week till Christmas Eve with his family at home in Texas. Then he'll join me and my family on Christmas Day.

I haven't seen my family for over a year so I'm very excited to be with them for the holidays. My brother and his girlfriend are also coming down from frozen Saskatchewan to be there with us.

I'm still in pain with kidney stones but can't let that stop my trip. I really hope all of you guys had a better month than I did and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Everything happens for a reason!

If you notice that I'm sitting in a first class seat, it's not that we wanted to blow a lot of money! But, by the time my doctor said it was O.K. to travel, the horrendous weather had hit the east coast and the first available flight wasn't until December 26th. So we had no choice - not that I'm complaining, after all, I'm not well yet! ;-)

I plan on doing either a show, a chat, or both from the Caymans. Just don't know when yet. The last time we tried, last year, the video was really choppy because of the unpredictable internet bandwidth down there. Either way I plan on seeing you. :-)

Till then check back for updates and again have a great holiday.

Brent Everett & Steve Pena

PS - If you want to see pics and video from our last trip to the Caymans type in "stingray city", "cayman islands", or "vacation" into the search field at the top left hand corner of the blog.


Eric, ton fan français N°1 said...

C'est si bon de te voir en forme! :-) Joyeux Noël Brent et Steve, et du bonheur pour toute ta famille!

Je souhaite que ces vacances soient reposantes pour toi et qu'elles soient un nouveau départ!

Bisous de France!

Dan said...

Thanks for the update Brent. So sorry to hear of Steve's Dad's health issues. Hang in there!
Hope you are feeling better as well. Take care of yourself!

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Take care both and love to you both!

brant said...

It is best to be riding in luxury to the caymans anyway. After feeling like your dick was going to turn inside out, you deserve to relax... Merry Christmas to you and Steve and families.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful Holiday day at Cayman with your lover. I look forward for your new video in 2010.
Best wish,

P.S. It's too bad that u can't come to Houston last month, cause I look forward to meet u in person.

????? said...

Merry Xmas!
I wish you to have a good rest!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brent, I wish you a good recovery, beautiful holidays and one good start for 2010.
Of Uwe from Germany.

RALPH022 said...

Brent I hope u and steve have the best time and have a good holiday, My month was the best in November when I met u and steve...have a safe trip and good start to the new year


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