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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hospital & pain

I've just had a call from Steve and, reluctantly, Brent has to cancel today's webcam. He'd hoped to be at least able to talk with you. But he's had to be admitted to a hospital with kidney stones. He's in quite a bit of pain, but otherwise in good spirits.

Steve has sent me this iPhone picture of Brent for you to look at and send good thoughts Brent's way. Brent & Steve's plans for the next few days are obviously up in the air. I'll let you know of any developments as soon as I can.

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David! said...

That you better soon Brent
A kiss from Spain!

Recuperate pronto Brent!
Un beso desde España

Michael Rivers said...

Wishing Brent a speedy recovery!

????? said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,
Luckily I've never had Kidney stones,But I've heard the pain is the worst you can get.Women say worse than childbirth.
Get well soon buddy!
Thinking of you&sending good wishes your way

Love Jamie

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent. I just wanted to let you know my best wishes for you. I send you a big hug here from Mexico. Happy Holidays Brent. I love you.

A big fan of yours

Eric, your N°1 franch fan said...


I hope you'll feel better very soon! You're our sunshine in the grey kky of our lifes. I send you all my wishes for a good health. Be sure that all your fans support you and send you positives thoughts.

We are thinking to Steve too, love is the better way to recover. We know he will be near you and I know he will give you all the messages of your fans.

You're Brent, you're a rock, you're strong, you're a star! We love you!

Eric said...


Get well soon. i know that you must have bad pains but in time it will get better.
Take it easy and get well soon!!

xxx Eric from Holland

Anonymous said...

then in your blog we found out here that you happened through a litiasis picture, I imagine that a tremendous pain no! and finally that I only realise the urologist to you medical treatment like leaving you expel stones from spontaneous way if they are smaller of 3mm or they realised litotripsia and/or ureteroscopia to you. finally as advice to take but from 2 liters of water and I recommend the juice to you of bilberries. greetings

Doug said...

Please get to feeling better soon Brent!

Anonymous said...

You have had some bad luck with illness this month! You have to take care of yourself so we can have our favorite star back! I really hope you feel better, babe! Get well soon! Love ya!
Tracy from Nashville!

Anonymous said...

poor Boy, be well soon and drink maore water from now on :o) Hugs and Kisses from Cologne

Dan said...

Hang in there Brent. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you.

Wolfe said...

Best Wishes. And a speedy recovery.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Speedy recovery Brent! Take care and hope you can still have your Xmas Vacation! (And feel like enjoying it!)

Anonymous said...

From JAD, get better Brent. I've never had kidney stones, but brother and mom have had them so I know how painful and uncomfortable they can be. Hopefully they'll be gone soon so you and Steve can enjoy Christmas! Get well soon and Merry Christmas to you, Brent!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Get well soon Brett!!! We miss you.

Habox said...

Get well soon Brett!!!

Drew said...

I hope you feel better soon :)

Borderboys San Diego said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from myself and my partner. I know that you didn't ask Santa for kidney stones for Christmas..he must have misread your list!

Take care and get some well deserved rest!

brant said...

I sure am sorry for your medical troubles.. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Caden said...

OH my GOD I am soo sorry! My dad had Kidney stones once and he nearly passed out from the pain. Ive had them too and let me tell you they huuuuuurrrrtttt like hell. Feels like somebody is inside your lower back trying to stab thier way out. I hope you get well soon and that you dont have to get them removed surgically. That way is a BITCH.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brent,

I hope and wish you get better soon. It is not just that angels should suffer so much. God must be looney!!!

I wish all the best to you and to those you love. You are in my thoughts.

With all my love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Brent,

I hope and wish you get better soon. It is not just that angels should suffer so much. God must be looney!!!

I wish all the best to you and to those you love. You are in my thoughts.

With all my love,


Carlos said...

Kiss & Hugs from Spain Brent!
Get Well Soon =)

Anonymous said...

Привет, Брент!
Очень волнуемся за тебя, надеюсь увидеть новости в скором о твоем здоровье!

Anonymous said...

Be Strong and Be Well and home for the holidays!

Anonymous said...


I KNOW how u feel. I had kidney stones years ago. IT IS one of the most painful, AND U know this now experiences. The pain was so painful, I threw up all day. LOL. I had to go to the hospital and stay a few days. NO FUN. IT IS what u eat. I hope u feeling better. AND would love to shoot u in mys studio in Los Angeles. bye

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