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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Texas our Texas

Updates from Texas:
Hey guys, steve's dad is out of hospital now and home in his own bed.
His family is way happy and so are we. We went out last night to
celebrate with steve's niece Jaimi who was celebrating her bday,
Anthony(steve's newphew) and Jonathon(Anthonys boyfriend). It was a
fun night at club escala. The newest gay club in corpus christi. Erica
Andrews did her interpretation of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It was
crazy cool!!
the boys were Hot As well. Got a few future models. Met tons of
militarty boys who enjoyed Steve and his military past. Once a sailor
always a sailor they say. Boys of a feather flock together:-)

They host for the evening had me go up on stage with her to say hi to
the club goers. Everyone was extremely nice. Took lots if pics but not
with our camera. We forgot it. So if u guys took some feel free to
email them to us. :-)

Anyhow, I'm coming back to Cali on Tuesday evening. Just in time for
our wed show starring Justin Chambers. A lil birdy told me it's gonna
be more than a regular show. I hear another model might give him a
helping hand or mouth or....

See him LIVE on at BrentEverett.com

Also for those of you sports junkies who like college football or the jocks who play them. Texas has just been selected to play in the BCS Championship bowl game. Jan 7th vs Alabama

We love our Longhorns!!!! Go Horns!!!

Cheers and love,
Brent & Steve


Caden said...

Hmmmm maybe that "mystery model" is you but it could be Dayton or someone like him...

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