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Friday, 4 December 2009

Picture from cold windy wet Texas

It's hard to see me but I'm there on the left side standing next to
the blade of a wind turbine. I've never been this close to it or
realized how big they were. We've driven by them going to palm spings
but they were far away. Seeing it up close was awesome and gave it
perspective. they are building giant wind farms here In south Texas.
Good for them!

It's cold and wet here. Steve's dad is better and out of icu and put
in regular room. But still in hospital. Thank u guys for all the sweet
and uplifting tweets/emails/messages of support.

Love u guys,


Anonymous said...

awesome pic!! those are freakin huge! there's a shit load of them out by Taft and Odem area. GREAT HANGIN OUT WIT YOU AND STEVE LAST NIGHT!!!!! ESCALA IS DA SHITTTT!


Brent Everett said...

It was great seeing all you army boys and dancing along with u. LT u br safe over in afgahnistan. God bless

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