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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas in the Caymans 2009

A day in the life of Brent Everett & Family on Christmas Day

Hey everyone, Happy Holidays! After the most problematic & stressful month our lives, it was nice to go away and leave the pains behind us if only for a couple of weeks. The day usually starts at 0600 drinking coffee with Mom & Dad watching the sunrise. It looked amazing and was so peaceful. The first few days we arrived it was raining, I must have brought the weather with me from the States. But like clockwork, on Christmas Eve, it was beautiful! This was the view from my parents balcony.

I don't know what it is about the holidays, but it nice knowing it can bring a smile back to you. Here I am on the swing at the Kaibo resort. Steve enjoyed their famous mudslide and I had the strawberry banana smoothie. YUM!

HIGH ON LIFE! Have you guys smiled today? Make sure you do. Call a friend, call a family member and tell someone you love them. If it doesn't bring a smile to you, it will to them. And that's what it's about.

If you're close enough, give them a kiss or hug as well. It does something to the soul.

Here's a view of my mom & dad's place. A perfect spot to nude bathe or have sex on :-) hehe. It's been done.

Here's how close to the water my parents place is. I'm loving it! Just look at how white the sand is. It's soft & warm. You can lie on it without a towel. Except when it's HOT. Wouldn't recommend it!

Like a postcard

Here we are going out for a quick swim. The storm had just passed so the water wasn't as clear. but it will be soon.

My bro BRAD & I on Christmas Eve. He with his Corona and me with my water :-) Cheers Bro!

Our Cayman Island Christmas tree. Isn't it awesome!

Awwww, Steve finally joins us on Christmas Day. He had spent the first week with his parents and was with them on Christmas Eve. The usual day they spend with the family. Steve then flew out of San Antonio to Houston to the Cayman Islands on Christmas. Steve was suprised how many people flew on Xmas. Point is I have my Boo on Christmas Day! :-)

Here's the Christmas table I helped set up. All this under a white tent! Isn't it romantic too.

Love this picture! Christmas Candles.

The dinner table all set. I put it all in place thank you very much... ;-)

My dad goofing around before dinner!

Everybody enjoying dinner.

Steve took this picture of me in front of the big bonfire after dinner on the beach.

Visiting Kaibo on Boxing Day.

Cute picture of Brad and Marli on Boxing Day.

The restaurant we had dinner in after our boat ride to Stingray City.

Fooling around on the swing!

Brad and Marli's turn.

Here I am on the bow of our boat.

Don't they look so cute together. My bro's working on his tan. He's freakin' white as snow.

My Muy Hot Mama and I!

Hook Em' Horn! Steve loves his Texas Long Horns. I think he just likes anything LONG! lol

I think Brad's getting some color now. Almost as red as Marli's Bikini top.

Driving the boat with my Mom and Dad.

On the beach in Kaibo. Professing our love in the sand.

Here's the sun setting on the island. Isn't it just breathtaking. What a beautiful day and wonderful Christmas. I hope all of you had a great one. It's not about where you are, but whom you are with or how you feel. Again, everybody have a safe and wonderful holiday & New Years. Stay healthy and happy. See you in New York City on New Years' Eve at RUSH.

- Brent Everett


Baxter's Briefs said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like an awesome time! I love the table on the beach! Very nice! Can I cum next year? Hey, what is Steve's tattoo on his ankle? It looks nice from what I can see! Drop me a note dude!

Eric, ton fan français N°1 said...

Merci Brent pour ce moment de ta vie partagé avec nous!

C'est vraiment gentil de nous faire rencontrer ta famille et je suis rassuré de voir que tu es en bonne santé! C'est super que Boo and Babe soient réunis pour Noël!!! :-)

Moi, je l'ai passé seul, c'était triste mais c'est comme ça!

Bises de France!


Babroo said...

Great pictures, specially the one next to the fire.

Anonymous said...

nice feet Brent especially the way your toes curl when being kissed. Glad you had such an amazing vacation. Take care. Bye!

Dan said...

Brent, I just adore you and Steve. Thank you so much for sharing all the photos that you did. So nice to see your family and get to know you other than what's under your clothes. I hope that you are feeling better. Maybe some day I will actually see you in person. Thanks again. Dan from Pennsylvania

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