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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

8 days left to Vote. Please do so if you haven't already

Guys don't forget to vote now and forward to friends you know too. Copy paste etc. Let's do this:-) click the link below

Brent Everett in Nominated in four Categories for the 10th Annual Cybersocket Awards Hey boys and girls, It's that time of year again... The Cybersocket Web Awards are here and we're fucking excited! Why? Because BrentEverett.com is nominated in FOUR categories. We would love to win all FOUR awards, but we're going to need your help! Below is a list of the categories that we were nominated in:

Best Porn Blog - Brent Everett Blog
Best Amateur Video SiteBrentEverett.com
Best Amateur Web Cam - Brent Everett
Best PornStar - Brent Everett

Go to http://www.cybersocketwebawards.com/vote.php and vote for us in all the FOUR catorgies that we are nominated in. Use all your email addresses as well! ;-) Thanks so much guys for your vote in the nomination process. It wouldn't of have happened without you. I love you guys! Your the best!



????? said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If I vote for your web site, What will you do for me?...
I would like to have a big present this Christmas!!! hehehehe...(lol)
Good luck with the voting, and Merry Christmas from Seville (Spain)


Anonymous said...

Bred when it comes to Brazil?

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