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Sunday, 29 November 2009

NEWS FLASH (especially for all Canadians)

The Montreal Alouettes have just defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders to win the Grey Cup in Calgary. They managed a field goal in the last few seconds of the game to defeat the Roughriders by 28 : 27.

The Saskatchewan fans who had already begun to celebrate a win by their team, which was the favourite, are reported to be heart-broken. The Grey Cup game is the national championship game of Canada's football (not soccer) season.
Also the Canadian Version of America's "SuperBowl"


WASHINGTON — In the first of two votes on allowing same-sex marriage in the nation's capital, the District of Columbia City Council has passed the bill 11 to 2.

The D.C. Council voted for the first time Tuesday. The bill had been expected to pass, as 10 of the 13 council members co-sponsored its introduction. A second, final vote is expected later in the month, and D.C.'s mayor has promised to sign the bill.

Marriages would begin in the city as soon as the bill passes a period of Congressional review. Congress likely will not alter the law.

Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont and Connecticut already allow same-sex marriage. New Hampshire will join them Jan. 1.

The two council members who voted against the bill were Marion Barry and Yvette Alexander.


Caden said...

wow how upsetting for Saskatchewan. Guess that is what happens when you get cocky.

Ray said...


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