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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dayton O'Connor Fucks Frank Castle Teaser Video

What can I say about Dayton O'Connor that you haven't seen already. If you remember the Dayton (formerly Hunter) & Mark Collins "Crucible" video, you'll remember that Dayton fucks like there's no tomorrow. He has a lean tight body with a long hard cock, baby blue eyes and a smile to die for. He fucks boys so hard to the point he makes them cry, shiver and beg for mercy.

In this newest video, Dayton has met his match. He meets super stud Frank Castle. Frank Castle is all MUSCLE. He's tall, buff and brown all over. Frank also has this bubble butt that is begging to get pounded. Watch as Frank almost challenges Dayton to pound him harder. It's like Dayton can't fuck him hard enough. Oh, but wait, he does. It's HOT and you have to see the chemistry here. It's a "10", four stars! You'll love this video!

See the FULL VIDEO HERE only inside BrentEverett.com


Caden said...

I almost melted when I saw that vid makes me wish I was more of a bottom than a top but I'd be willing if it was Dayton who wanted to be my top.

Brent Everett said...

Gotta love big beefy bottoms:-)

Big Bopper said...

that video is very hot

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