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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Brent Everett Rock Hard at ManKind Video (San Diego)

From: Dewayne in SanDiego

RockHard Extreme being the herbal supplement that Brent Everett is sponsoring. Hey, if you're going to promote the natural alternative to Viagra who better than the most famous Star in Gay Porn?

This Hot and Sweaty Sunday evening I popped in for a packed personal appearance by Brent Everett at Mankind Video, San Diego’s largest gay owed Adult novelty, clothing and video store. They had the AC cranking but we were all sweating waiting for Brent’s arrival.

Brent has not made a lot of personal appearances in the city he has called home for some 2 and a half years, so a Brent E “meet and greet” is a major deal. Spread over two nights, Saturday and Sunday, Brent was promoting his site Brent Everett.com and his affiliation with Rock Hard Extreme.

Hard to believe I almost missed this!

I was chatting up Helix Studios.nets’s Keith Miller yesterday and discussing Mankind Video and that is when I found out, despite Brent Everett being advertised for weeks! So this evening I jumped in the car at 5 p.m. thinking I will be late for the scheduled 5 to 7 appearance.

Silly DeWayne, this is San Diego; everyone runs 20 to 30 minutes behind, including me so I can't point fingers!

Before I left I sent a quick Twitter that I was heading out and I am glad I did. More on why in a minute. I am always surprised when people recognize me from this blog (I know why my photo is on site) and I want to thank Michael a long time blog reader and Brent Corrigan fan for introducing himself. It's really great when I can meet fellow porn fans, I feel so much more comfortable ogling porn stars with good company!

So Brent shows up about 5:25 which again according to San Diego time is right on schedule! I am standing in with a group of fans chatting up Chucky Baer (San Diego Borderboys) and his BoyFriend Gabriel when I hear a familiar voice, “DeWayne is here?" he says “Off to see Brent Everett at Mankind SanDiego? Where is he?” I look up to see Steve Pena holding his iPhone reading tweets!

Note to self, I must remember to always Tweet when I am heading out to an event!

Steve Pena and Brent Everett were married last Oct 3rd here in San Diego and make an incredible powerduo couple. I swear you watch those two and you think it's been ten years not one, you rarely see two men so made for each other, so symbiotic, and yeah, here I go into my hopeless romantic mode.

I can’t help it!

I must point out despite two members of the press, uh, right, Two Bloggers in the store Chucky and I waited our turn before going up to meet Brent. (They had a list of names.)

Again, even with the AC full blast, the second floor of Mankind was sweltering, but we stopped complaining as soon as Brent stripped his shirt off, then seemed to lose his pants in short order. I have to mention every time I see Brent Everett I am amazed at his physical condition: this is one man who works hard but is also damn blessed with nearly perfect DNA. We have all watched Brent grow up since he hit Gay Porn hard in 2003, first described as a Twink although I think the word Twunk (Twinkish Hunk) was coined for Brent Everett! Perfection also comes to mind!

So I am hovering around the store snapping pix when I hear my name called, Brent introduces himself, “Finally I meet the famous DeWayneinSD”, uh, did I mention Brent flatters real well too? I told Brent we have met a few times it's just who can hear or remember meeting anyone at Rich's, let alone Military Madness for instance, it was Crazy that night!

Brent was signing posters for Rock Hard Extreme (and guess which photo they use) and I asked him to sign a SDPix photo book from Military Madness Oct 2007 for my friend & fellow Blogger Bill Olson Rantings of a Raving Romulan.

Later in the evening I noticed someone call a friend and get Brent to say a few words. So I was inspired to do likewise, called Bill Olson and said, “hold on I have someone for you”. (I pulled this with Albert and Brent C once)

I can imagine Bill's facial reaction when he realized who he was talking too. BTW, I have decided Brent Everett’s Saskatchewan accent is the cherry on the top of his sexual sundae!

While Brent was chatting everyone up I talked to Steve Pena for a bit, we are going to make some plans for an interview (yay, DeWayne is going to get back into this) and he let me know they both plan on a special evening for their first anniversary in October.

I am looking forward to that!

I had a great time this evening and want to thank Brent Everett, Steve Pena, Mankind Video Manager Jesse and all the incredible guys who work in the best damn Gay Emporium in San Diego!

Let's have more of these events here!


The Venue, ManKind Video 3425-5th Ave

I swear they all dared me to do this!

DeWayne, Chucky, Brent Everett, Mankind Manager Jesse, Steve Pena

Brent, Lucky Chucky, Steve


Eric, your best french fan! said...

Waow! He's a lucky man! It's my dream: to mett Brent live ! Unfortunately, he doesn't come in France, even if I'm waiting for him! ;-)

And, as I see on the pictures, if Brent wears only a little underwear when we mett him, it's more than a dream!!

I'm a french fan, I hope to see a new movie soon. I'd have a lot of things to say to Brent, but I can't write these things in public and i'm too shy to write them in a private mail!

Brent, you rock!

Eric, your best french fan

freewebsjunk@yahoo.com said...

brent and steve you are so cute and hot! lol

i would have loved to be there standing next to you guys...

you both seem to go well together and you are both hunky! pics must be great!

Sami Douba said...

Damn, Brent your butt is AMAZING! I could explore that ass for DAYYYYS....

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