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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Football Team Waterboarded To Make "Political Point" In Gay Pride Film

A Canadian filmaker has made a movie for Gay Pride Week featuring football players getting waterboarded with rainbow-colored underwear covering their noses and mouths, Towleroad reports.

The movie is called "No Safe Words," a reference to S & M culture, and director Noam Gonick said he intended to make a political point by using the waterboarding imagery.

Canadian gay lesbian news source xtra.ca spoke to Gonick about the film:

The military, says Gonick, "uses homoerotic, aggressive acts to harm victims and act as a contagion to society in general."

And, he says, it turns us on. "Conquest is not only about territory, or oil, or puppet dictatorships," he says. "It's sexual, too."

Gonick says the film is supposed to draw an analogy to the "conformity" of the gay community.

"It's about us and who we've become," he says. "We're willing to do anything to get the approval of the state."

Watch a clip from the film:


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