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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

San Diego, Winnipeg, Regina, Columbus

Hey guys, now we're in Regina, Saskatchewan, on the prairies and it's hot. But, as we say here in my home province "it's a dry heat"! Steve and I came here just after we finished the annual Pride celebrations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was awesome! The pride parade and the festival at Gios Club was a great success and the guys were amazing and fun. Sweet and kind. We met lots of new people and the videos we shot there will be posted online soon, once we get home and edit them. Here are a few pictures, contributed by Gios members:

Next on my summer travel list is Columbus, Ohio, for the Pride Festival there on June 19 and 20th. I'll be appearing at Q Bar & Nightclub on Saturday, June 20th. See you there?
- Brent


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent will you be at the Pride Festival in Vancouver BC this year?

Steve said...

Where and which day/time will you be appearing in Columbus, OH?

raphael & dolce said...

Hey - just saw you at the Chicago airport! - Will see you in Ohio!


raphael & dolce said...

Just saw you at the Chicago airport! See you in Ohio!!

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