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Friday, 19 June 2009

Regina, Winnipeg, Chicago, Columbus?

So, guys, here's an update of my travels so far. Steve and I had a great time in Winnipeg, as I've already written about. Then we went to Regina, Saskatchewan (I grew up near there, as many of you already now) to visit family and friends. The first couple of days were really hot and then, Thursday, just in time for my live webcam show, there was a tremendous thunderstorm and we lost power and internet access about 30 minutes before the show was due to start. So I frantically called my friend George in Victoria, halfway between Vancouver and Seattle, to put a note on the website to explain why I had to postpone.

So then, at 6 am this morning (Friday), we flew from Regina back to Winnipeg and from there to Chicago, Illinois, where we were supposed to catch a flight to Columbus, Ohio for their Pride Festival and my appearances at the "Q" Bar and Nightclub on Saturday night (and my postponed webcam show tomorrow afternoon).

When we arrived at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, we found a gigantic mess because of all the tornadoes and other bad weather that's hit the area. All flights were delayed, no one could tell us when we might be able to fly out. So around 8:30 pm tonight, we left our luggage behind together with all the other unsorted baggage from thousands of other delayed and stranded passengers and tried to rent a car to make the seven hour drive to Columbus. Getting a car was another nightmare because, of course, all sorts of other people had the same idea. But we managed it and are now driving through Indiana to get to Ohio by the morning. Fortunately, Indiana is not a very wide state! :-) So, keep your fingers crossed that everything works out OK tomorrow.

- Brent

Well, actually it's not Brent who wrote this, but he told me the story a little while ago on his dying iPhone and asked me to post it in his name.
- George (aka Brent's Tech Support guy)

Just had an update via text message (9:30 pm Pacific time). Brent and Steve are an hour from Indianapolis and four hours from Columbus, Ohio. They're in the middle of a tornado warning area and it's raining so hard, they can barely see the highway! It's really scary, they say.


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