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Thursday, 11 June 2009




If you want to get close to porn star Brent Everett you can spend $120 US for a pair of his underwear. And the answer to your question is yes, “They’re my personal underwear and I wear them. I use them everyday.”

Another option is to come out to Winnipeg’s Pride celebrations on June 14. Everett will be on the Gio’s float for the parade and later will perform at the club where fans can expect him to be “really playful and hot.”

Everett, 25, attends a lot of Pride events. He enjoys meeting everyone and seeing GLBT people celebrate who they are. He also feels it’s an important opportunity to give support to those having a difficult time coming out and learning self-acceptance. His advice is to ignore the haters, because there will always be people who hate you no matter what you do or say. “Love yourself for who you are and not for what other people want you to be.”

On the phone from Las Vegas where he’s performing as part of their Pride celebrations, Everett remembers how he got started in porn. He was 18 when his then boyfriend and first love, Chase McKenzie, asked him to give it a try. “I did it with him and things kind of progressed. I thought that he was the one that was really going to pursue it, but I started getting some recognition and it kind of developed from there and became a career for me.”

Now seven years later, Everett has acted in over a dozen movies. In 2005 he started his own production company. He’s especially proud of winning the fan-picked 2009 Cybersocket Award for best live online XXX show, available to subscribers at brenteverett.com. Performing in front of a camera isn’t always as easy as Everett makes it look.“It’s still kind of hard to get used to sometimes. I’m pretty shy in real life, which is kind of surprising to some people, but once my clothes come off then the inhibitions kind of go away.”

One thing that makes things easier for Everett is his husband, Steve Pena. “Steve does everything. He’s my manager, producer, everything. He’s my other half.” They were married in San Diego last October at an intimate cere¬mony with family and close friends. “It was amazing. It was the best moment of my life, that’s for sure.”

Just one month after the wedding, Californians voted in favour of Proposition 8, a measure that reversed a state Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. “I was definitely heartbroken,” said Everett. “It was a bittersweet victory with Obama, but at the same time Prop 8 passed. We were both devastated.”

His marriage to Pena is not annulled by the vote, which exit polls indicate was decided by heavy support for the measure by seniors. Pena sees this as a predictor of positive change.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is that a new generation is coming and we’re going in a different direction. They’re more progressive and believe people, gay or straight, should have a right to marry. We’re very optimistic about the future.”

Everett will be gogo dancing live at Gio’s, alternating with Tym and Kevin from Vancouver’s Celebrities Night Club, on June 14 following the parade.

Published by OutWords, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Photos from brenteverett.com


Anonymous said...

Steve, great photos of Brent!!! I never knew you were such a great photographer. Mwah to you both! John M. (Pasadena, CA)

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Gay Pride in Sao Paulo, Brazil?
I am from Brazil, you have to come to Brazil! We love your job!

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