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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Models wanted from NYC

Hey Guys,
If you are interested in modeling and are from NYC or the surrounding area EMAIL us letting us know. Send pics and the fill out the modeling form. We will be doing pride events and filming scenes while we are in NYC.

Brent & Steve


Here's a sample of the new bingo card for Brent's Strip Bingo. Remember, whether you're a longtime bingo player or want to be a first-time participant, you all need new cards for today's and future bingos. It's not too late for today. You can still get a card (which will be good for future bingos as well), if you email Steve right away. You can email him until 1 hour (3 pm Pacific) before the bingo starts. You have a chance to win a laptop. But only if you play bingo with us!

And don't forget, because of all the problems we had with internet access on the week-end, today is a double show: first, the Strip Bingo, then immediately after, a regular Live Webcam Show - and I don't think I have to tell you what happens there! ;-)

See you later?
- Brent

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Brent at RUSH in NYC on June 26th

So, we're in Columbus, but the problems aren't quite over!

We got to Columbus, Ohio safely at 4 o'clock this morning (Saturday) and collapsed in our hotel room. Our luggage didn't arrive until this afternoon. Before we went to the airport to get it, we set up our equipment for this afternoon's live webcam show, tested it with George in Victoria, and when we saw that the video streaming was fine, set out for the airport.

Well, wouldn't you know it - just before the show, the hotel lost its internet connection and despite trying for about 40 minutes, couldn't get it back. So I had to disappoint all the members who'd come online and cancel again. I can't tell you how sorry and frustrated I am. Instead, on Tuesday, when we're back in San Diego I'm going to combine my Strip Bingo with a webcam show. So, any members who haven't got a bingo card yet, email Steve right away - a link to all the details and the bingo rules is on the Calendar page (which you can look at without signing in). Of course, if you don't want to play bingo, you can just cum and watch, or watch and cum! ;-) But if you don't play, you won't get a chance to win the laptop that's one of the prizes.

Anyway, tonight I'm at the "Q" Bar and Nightclub to help celebrate Pride in Columbus. So, come and see and talk to me if you're in the area. Here's the poster once more:

And then, first thing in the morning, we fly back home to San Diego. I can tell you, much as I love it, travelling to all the many Pride events I've been invited to this year is really tough.

- Brent

Posted by George, after a long phone call from Brent & Steve :-)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Regina, Winnipeg, Chicago, Columbus?

So, guys, here's an update of my travels so far. Steve and I had a great time in Winnipeg, as I've already written about. Then we went to Regina, Saskatchewan (I grew up near there, as many of you already now) to visit family and friends. The first couple of days were really hot and then, Thursday, just in time for my live webcam show, there was a tremendous thunderstorm and we lost power and internet access about 30 minutes before the show was due to start. So I frantically called my friend George in Victoria, halfway between Vancouver and Seattle, to put a note on the website to explain why I had to postpone.

So then, at 6 am this morning (Friday), we flew from Regina back to Winnipeg and from there to Chicago, Illinois, where we were supposed to catch a flight to Columbus, Ohio for their Pride Festival and my appearances at the "Q" Bar and Nightclub on Saturday night (and my postponed webcam show tomorrow afternoon).

When we arrived at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, we found a gigantic mess because of all the tornadoes and other bad weather that's hit the area. All flights were delayed, no one could tell us when we might be able to fly out. So around 8:30 pm tonight, we left our luggage behind together with all the other unsorted baggage from thousands of other delayed and stranded passengers and tried to rent a car to make the seven hour drive to Columbus. Getting a car was another nightmare because, of course, all sorts of other people had the same idea. But we managed it and are now driving through Indiana to get to Ohio by the morning. Fortunately, Indiana is not a very wide state! :-) So, keep your fingers crossed that everything works out OK tomorrow.

- Brent

Well, actually it's not Brent who wrote this, but he told me the story a little while ago on his dying iPhone and asked me to post it in his name.
- George (aka Brent's Tech Support guy)

Just had an update via text message (9:30 pm Pacific time). Brent and Steve are an hour from Indianapolis and four hours from Columbus, Ohio. They're in the middle of a tornado warning area and it's raining so hard, they can barely see the highway! It's really scary, they say.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

San Diego, Winnipeg, Regina, Columbus

Hey guys, now we're in Regina, Saskatchewan, on the prairies and it's hot. But, as we say here in my home province "it's a dry heat"! Steve and I came here just after we finished the annual Pride celebrations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was awesome! The pride parade and the festival at Gios Club was a great success and the guys were amazing and fun. Sweet and kind. We met lots of new people and the videos we shot there will be posted online soon, once we get home and edit them. Here are a few pictures, contributed by Gios members:

Next on my summer travel list is Columbus, Ohio, for the Pride Festival there on June 19 and 20th. I'll be appearing at Q Bar & Nightclub on Saturday, June 20th. See you there?
- Brent

Here's to the Violets: My Thoughts on Gay Rights (with Video)

by Patricia Clarkson
from Huffingtonpost.com

Here's the text of a speech I wrote with my friend Ron Marasco for the Human Rights Campaign's recent gala in New Orleans. The clip of it is below. Enjoy!

I am so happy to be with all of you tonight. To celebrate the work you do--and to have a bourbon or two later.

The great Tennessee Williams wrote---

--of course I'm starting with Tennessee Williams. I'm in New Orleans, at the HRC gala, and I played Blanche DuBois.

Which is why I never go anywhere without a paper lantern in my purse.

Tennessee Williams wrote a line that I felt was appropriate for tonight. And appropriate to this time in our history, your history, and to the rights that everyone in this room is fighting for. It is a line that meant so much to him, it's on his gravestone.

"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks."

"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks."

To me, its meaning is simple. The hard, the cold, the oppressive will--at long last--be broken apart by a force that is beautiful, natural, colorful, alive.

That's what tonight is about, what the people in this room are about. We're a bunch of violets breaking through the rocks.

And it is happening.

The rock is cracking away. The rock of hate and falsehood is being broken apart.

All across this country, regular Americans who were born and bred in towns where a gay couple wouldn't dare walk down a street--all over these American Main Streets--something is changing.

Blue-collar guys are looking up from their work, grandmothers are speaking up at the dinner table; and they are saying something to members of their family, and co-workers, who are against gay marriage.

They are saying in one, increasingly-loud American voice, "Honey, rather than worry about who someone else loves--and why, think about who you hate--and why!"

The violets are breaking through the rocks.

America has always been a country of common sense. A country of innate goodness--although a goodness that is sometimes slow to action. As Winston Churchill said, "Americans are always ready to do the right thing. After they have exhausted all the other possibilities."

We have exhausted all the other possibilities. And it is time to call an injustice an injustice.

It is an injustice that we send a gay or lesbian soldier to die in a war--to give their life for a country that won't let them be legally bound to the person they love.

It is an injustice that a soldier gives their life for a Military--an exemplary Military in every way--except one in which they cannot have the picture of their lover cut-out in the shape of a heart and taped to their locker because that would be "telling." Such a ugly word.

It is an injustice that, in this room, many of you pay your tax money to the very public institutions that deny you rights other Americans enjoy; pay your tax money for public schools that will not accept you as legal parents; pay your tax money for the paper on which they print the goddamn marriage licenses you cannot get.

And while you are paying your tax money for all of the above, a preacher can stand in the pulpit of a multi-million-dollar mega-church advocating the damnation of gay Americans and not pay one thin dime in taxes.

You know, I occasionally watch those preachers on the Christian TV stations.

I always think to myself: How can I believe your theology when I can't believe your hair?

I find it intellectually offensive when people shrink the Bible to fit the small-mindedness of their bigotry.

Leviticus 18:22 and Deuteronomy 22:5...the famous list of the "abominations." Bible verses which, by the way, also list as a mortal sin things like "the wearing of a garment made of two different kinds of fabric."

Yes, the Bible verse they use to condemn homosexuality also calls Polyester-blend an abomination.

Well, in this, perhaps the Lord has a point. But if you took away all the Polyester-blends in those mega-churches....most of the women would be naked.

In my Bible I see no evidence of Jesus telling same-sex couples they cannot love each other.

And he could have. He was a carpenter--if he made good furniture every gay man in Nazareth knew Him.

The fact is: it's happening.

All the violets--gay Americans, lesbian Americans, Bi-sexual Americans, transgender Americans, people of color, and the people of this city forgotten by Washington in hurricane Katrina--we are all are starting to break through the mountain of straight, white, male lawmakers in Washington.

Their time is over. And they know it. Which is why they are looking increasingly ridiculous and beleaguered. To me those guys look like one, big casting-call for the lead role in a very bad production of Death of Salesmen.

Because America is starting to say those lawmakers are wrong about "Don't ask don't tell," and wrong to oppose gay marriage. The way they were wrong, wrong, wrong about the war in Iraq.

A war that was created by who? A straight, white man named George W. Bush. A straight, white man named Dick Cheney. And a straight, white man named Condoleezza Rice.

The rocks are breaking. And it's time to call certain people on the hypocrisy of their stance against gay marriage.

Newt Gingrich: against gay marriage, but on his third wife.

That recent convert to an anti gay-marriage stance, Rudy Giuliani: third wife. Rush Limbaugh: vehemently against gay marriage and....yep, third wife. A third wedding that was performed by none other than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas: second wife.

4 men, eleven marriages, and you must be lectured on love by them? This Mount Rushmore of Divorce!

Ladies and gentlemen, as all of you in this room know so well, political activism tells us now what history will tell us later.

The people who support "don't ask don't tell;" and who oppose "gay marriage" are wrong. And their children and grandchildren will know they were wrong.

This is the age of Obama. And the people who oppose these causes need to realize that. But there is someone else who needs to realize that this is the Age of Obama.


It is time, Mr. President. Do not fall behind others on these issues. My God, Dick Cheney announced that he is in favor of gay marriage.

And on that very day, the National Weather Service reported hell froze over.

So Mr. President, please catch up. Or you are in danger of being considered "just to the right" of a man who is "just to the left" of Vlad-the-Impaler.

Newsweek magazine just said about gay marriage--and I quote: "This train's left the station. Time to get on board."

It is happening.

Something is changing.

Oh--there is still a lot of work to be done. But it will happen.

And when it does--when "Don't ask don't tell" is scrapped, when gay men and women can marry the people they love--when that day comes, people across this great land will be looking for a place to party.

And I say: Come on down to New Orleans! I'll be so happy I might swing naked in a window on Bourbon Street!

Me and Rachel Maddow!

Yes, across America we will celebrate because, at long last, that day will have arrived. But to the people in this room--that day will not only have arrived for you, it will have arrived because of you.

Thank you HRC. Here's to the violets.

Thursday, 11 June 2009




If you want to get close to porn star Brent Everett you can spend $120 US for a pair of his underwear. And the answer to your question is yes, “They’re my personal underwear and I wear them. I use them everyday.”

Another option is to come out to Winnipeg’s Pride celebrations on June 14. Everett will be on the Gio’s float for the parade and later will perform at the club where fans can expect him to be “really playful and hot.”

Everett, 25, attends a lot of Pride events. He enjoys meeting everyone and seeing GLBT people celebrate who they are. He also feels it’s an important opportunity to give support to those having a difficult time coming out and learning self-acceptance. His advice is to ignore the haters, because there will always be people who hate you no matter what you do or say. “Love yourself for who you are and not for what other people want you to be.”

On the phone from Las Vegas where he’s performing as part of their Pride celebrations, Everett remembers how he got started in porn. He was 18 when his then boyfriend and first love, Chase McKenzie, asked him to give it a try. “I did it with him and things kind of progressed. I thought that he was the one that was really going to pursue it, but I started getting some recognition and it kind of developed from there and became a career for me.”

Now seven years later, Everett has acted in over a dozen movies. In 2005 he started his own production company. He’s especially proud of winning the fan-picked 2009 Cybersocket Award for best live online XXX show, available to subscribers at brenteverett.com. Performing in front of a camera isn’t always as easy as Everett makes it look.“It’s still kind of hard to get used to sometimes. I’m pretty shy in real life, which is kind of surprising to some people, but once my clothes come off then the inhibitions kind of go away.”

One thing that makes things easier for Everett is his husband, Steve Pena. “Steve does everything. He’s my manager, producer, everything. He’s my other half.” They were married in San Diego last October at an intimate cere¬mony with family and close friends. “It was amazing. It was the best moment of my life, that’s for sure.”

Just one month after the wedding, Californians voted in favour of Proposition 8, a measure that reversed a state Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. “I was definitely heartbroken,” said Everett. “It was a bittersweet victory with Obama, but at the same time Prop 8 passed. We were both devastated.”

His marriage to Pena is not annulled by the vote, which exit polls indicate was decided by heavy support for the measure by seniors. Pena sees this as a predictor of positive change.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is that a new generation is coming and we’re going in a different direction. They’re more progressive and believe people, gay or straight, should have a right to marry. We’re very optimistic about the future.”

Everett will be gogo dancing live at Gio’s, alternating with Tym and Kevin from Vancouver’s Celebrities Night Club, on June 14 following the parade.

Published by OutWords, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Photos from brenteverett.com

Behind the scenes set up for LEMONADE in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The guys at GIO's were nice enough to send us the stage set up they have put together for GAY PRIDE this weekend in Winnipeg. I thought they looked awesome and wanted to share them with you guys. If you guys are in the area, please come out and see me. I can't wait!!!

Brent Everett

Miss California Carrie Prejean LOSING CROWN

LOS ANGELES — Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, who stirred up trouble for herself when she said gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, got two dreaded words from pageant poobah Donald Trump on Wednesday: "You're fired." Trump and other pageant leaders said Prejean was being sacked not because of the remarks but because she hadn't been holding up her end of the agreement she signed when she entered the pageant.

"Carrie is a beautiful young woman and I wish her well as she pursues her other interests," Trump said.

Prejean spokeswoman Melany Ethridge declined to comment, saying she hadn't been able to reach the former beauty queen since the announcement of her ouster.

"This was a decision based solely on contract violations, including Ms. Prejean's unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization," the California pageant's executive director, Keith Lewis, said in a statement.

Read More here at Huffingtonpost.com

Chastity Bono Undergoing Sex Change

from People.com
Stephen M. Silverman
Originally posted Thursday June 11, 2009 04:45 PM EDT

Political and social activist Chastity Bono – the only child of entertainers Cher and the late Sonny Bono – began undergoing a sex change shortly after her 40th birthday on March 4.

"Cher is very supportive and has known about Chastity wanting to do this for a very long time," a source tells PEOPLE. "This will be a long process but it's something Chastity has wanted to do for many years."

Bono's spokesman, Howard Bragman, told TMZ, which first reported the story, "Yes, it's true – Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity.

"He is proud of his decision and grateful for the support and respect that has already been shown by his loved ones. It is Chaz's hope that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue, just as his 'coming out' did nearly 20 years ago."

He added, "We ask that the media respect Chaz's privacy during this long process as he will not be doing any interviews at this time."

Cristiano Ronaldo sold for a record $130m...

Ronaldo, currently on holiday in Los Angeles, has informed Manchester United of his desire to leave Old Trafford for the Bernabeu and the Premier League champions have now granted his wish by allowing him to speak to Real over a transfer.

In a brief statement issued on the club
website this morning, United confirmed that they have accepted Real's offer, while stipulating that the deal must be wrapped up by June 30.

The statement said: "Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

"At Cristiano's request - who has again expressed his desire to leave - and after discussion with the player's representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

"Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.

Having failed to prise Ronaldo away from Old Trafford last summer, Real have now stunned United with the size of their offer for the 24 year-old, who cost the Premier League champions £12.2m as a 17-year-old from Sporting Lisbon in 2003.

Ronaldo has done little to hide his desire to play for Real and his behaviour towards the end of last season, when he reacted angrily to being substituted against Manchester City at Old Trafford, highlighted cracks in his relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Despite United's decision to sell, Ferguson insisted last December that he "wouldn't sell a virus to that mob" when asked about selling Ronaldo to Real.

And just last month, United chief executive David Gill suggested that Ronaldo would not be leaving Old Trafford at any price.

Gill said: "We have never had that discussion (about Ronaldo's future) because there has been absolutely no point having that discussion.

"We made it clear last year that he is on a long-term contract with us. He is not for sale. He is a great player and he is part of our club."

Ronaldo's dissatisfaction at Old Trafford and the size of Real's offer have forced United to accept Real's bid, however.

As a club with debts approaching £700m, the money set to be received for Ronaldo proved too much to turn down, but much of that money is now likely to be reinvested in new signings.

A permanent deal for Carlos Tevez will top the agenda, but moves for Wigan's Antonio Valencia and Lyon forward Karim Benzema will now be the focus of Ferguson following Ronaldo's likely exit.

Football Team Waterboarded To Make "Political Point" In Gay Pride Film

A Canadian filmaker has made a movie for Gay Pride Week featuring football players getting waterboarded with rainbow-colored underwear covering their noses and mouths, Towleroad reports.

The movie is called "No Safe Words," a reference to S & M culture, and director Noam Gonick said he intended to make a political point by using the waterboarding imagery.

Canadian gay lesbian news source xtra.ca spoke to Gonick about the film:

The military, says Gonick, "uses homoerotic, aggressive acts to harm victims and act as a contagion to society in general."

And, he says, it turns us on. "Conquest is not only about territory, or oil, or puppet dictatorships," he says. "It's sexual, too."

Gonick says the film is supposed to draw an analogy to the "conformity" of the gay community.

"It's about us and who we've become," he says. "We're willing to do anything to get the approval of the state."

Watch a clip from the film:

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Adam Lambert: 'I'm Gay,' Plus His 'Psychedelic Experience' At Burning Man

Adam Lambert: 'I'm Gay,' Plus His 'Psychedelic Experience' At Burning Man

NEW YORK — "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has landed the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where he talks about sex, drugs and his "Idol" experiences. The 27-year-old singer from San Diego acknowledges in an interview that he's gay, and says it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. "I'm proud of my sexuality," he says. "I embrace it. It's just another part of me."

Lambert says he was inspired to audition for the Fox network singing competition after having a "psychedelic experience" at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. There, he says, he experimented with "certain funguses."

"I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it's fast and broad," he says of "Idol."

Lambert emerged as an early front-runner and judge favorite, thanks in part to his soaring vocal range.

When he moved into the show's Bel-Air mansion with the other finalists, he roomed with Kris Allen, who won the "Idol" title over Lambert last month.

"I was like, `Oh, (bleep), they put me with the cute guy,'" Lambert says. "Distracting! He's the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type _ except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."

According to Rolling Stone, Lambert was open about his sexuality backstage at "Idol." In March, photos surfaced online of Lambert kissing his ex-boyfriend.

"Going into `Idol,' I assumed, `OK, people are going to talk,'" he says. "I mean, I've been living in Los Angeles for eight years as a gay man, I've been at clubs making out with somebody in the corner. But photographic evidence? Didn't count on that. Wasn't ready for that."

Read More Here at Huffingtonpost.com
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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Want's some Lemonade? Come get some this weekend

I'll be back in Canada this weekend for Winnipeg, Manitoba's Gay Pride Event "Lemonade". Come and check it out if you are in the area boys and girls!
Brent Everett

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brent Everett.com Exclusive "CADE" is cumming soon...

We have a new EXCLUSIVE Cumming soon to BrentEverett.com Check back for details. He's SUPER HOT and here are a few samples boys & girls.

Brent Everett

Happy Gay Pride Everyone! If you don't like it, FUCK YOU

Here's a really cool video that I'll put up in Honor of Gay Pride Month that's like from now till the end of the year if you count up all the cities in the world. LOL. I thought it was sweet and funny. Check it out below:
More INFO:
A french video response from http://www.GayClic.com readers to the Stevie Bee Bishop's "Big Fat Gay Collab". Posted on the International Day Against Homophobia, 2009, May 17th

Une vidéo de GayCliqueurs ( http://www.GayClic.com ) postée pour la Journée Mondiale Contre l'Homophobie (17 mai 2009) en réponse à la vidéo "Big Fat Gay Collab" de Stevie Bee Bishop.

Two Gay Penguins And A Chick: German Zoo Pair Raising Baby

from Huffingtonpost.com

BERLIN — A German zoo says a pair of gay male penguins are raising a chick from an egg abandoned by its parents.

Bremerhaven zoo veterinarian Joachim Schoene says the egg was placed in the male penguins' nest after its parents rejected it in late April. The males incubated it for some 30 days before it hatched and have continued to care for it. The chick's gender is not yet known.

Schoene said the male birds, named Z and Vielpunkt, are one of three same-sex pairs among the zoo's 20 Humboldt penguins that have attempted to mate.

Homosexual behavior has been documented in many animal species.

The zoo said in a statement on its Web site Thursday that "sex and coupling in our world don't always have something to do with reproduction."

Brent & Steve's night out at Universal's Goth Night!

Last weekend we got dressed up with 2 of our close friends: Disco Dolly & Glitz Glamour. It was a full day of dressing and makeup. Lot's of fun and as you see the results show we looked pretty fucking cool. VERY DIFFERENT! Come back for more pictures and story soon. Here's a taste below:
Brent Everett

Just had this sent to me by an anonymous fan and wanted to share it with everyone. Thought it was really cute:

Brent Everett models have an orgy!

Coming Soon to BrentEverett.com

Whitney Houston plans comeback!

from Huffingtonpost.com
NEW YORK — The date for Whitney Houston's comeback has been set.

Arista Records says her long-awaited album will be released Sept. 1. Houston hasn't released a CD in seven years.

So far, there's no word on a title for the album.

The 45-year-old superstar is one of the best-selling artists of all-time, but in recent years, she's been defined more by drug problems, marital woes and erratic behavior than by her Grammy-winning voice.

But lately, Houston has appeared to return to her pop princess form. She wowed the crowd when she performed at her mentor Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party in February.
I'm a big Fan of Whitney and hope she does well. Below is a parody of her from Deborah Wilson of Madtv. It's hilarious.
Brent Everett

Here's some of her greatest hits (Video) below:

Super Sexy Joe Jonas in Black Tights for "Single Ladies" video

Check out all that ass and nice legs! Wow, now if only we could of seen the bulge. lol.

Eminem Storms Out of MTV Movie Awards

Yes, it was all scripted, but it was still funny as hell. Eminem says he knew full well what he was about to face at the MTV Movie Awards _ including Sacha Baron Cohen's bare butt.

Enimem told the Web site RapRadar.com that the much-talked about stunt was all rehearsed, right down to Eminem's mock disgust. Says the rapper: "I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it."

Eminem says when he left the show, he went back to his hotel and laughed for three hours, including as he watched the playback.

The rapper calls himself a "big fan" of Baron Cohen, who he said approached him about the gag while he was in Europe.

At Sunday's live show, the comedian descended from the ceiling on a wire in a fake mishap that ended with his bare hindquarters in Eminem's face.

Eminem returned to the spotlight Sunday, spitting the lyrics of his name-dropping singles "We Made You" and "Crack A Bottle" from his hit album Relapse at the MTV Movie Awards. But not long after his performance, he stormed away from his seat in the auditorium when Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as his flamboyant character Brüno in angel wings and a barely-visible thong, descended on wires and landed face down in the rapper's lap.
From People.com
By Antoinette Y. Coulton
Bodyguards pounced and Eminem's entourage made its exit in what was the most outrageous moment of a night of filled with irreverence. Other examples: host Andy Samberg spoofing box office hits like Slumdog Millionaire (which was nominated six times but came up empty handed) and Star Trek, Amy Poehler accepting the Golden Popcorn trophy for the best "WTF moment" and Forest Whitaker singing an operatic rendition of Samberg's Emmy Award winning song "D– in a Box."

But the night belonged to the film sensation Twilight, which picked up five awards, including the top prize for best movie.

After Shia LaBeouf handed out the best fight award to its stars Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet for their tussle in the vampire movie, Pattinson also picked up the award for the best breakthrough performance by a male. Later, he and costar Kristen Stewart teased the crowd by nearly reenacting the kiss between their characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan while accepting the award for best buss.

Stewart also won the prize for best female performance. "I was just about as awkward as you thought I was going to be," the flustered star said at the podium.

Other winners included High School Musical 3: Senior Year's Ashley Tisdale, who won in the female breakthrough performance category while her costar Zac Efron won for best male performance. Jim Carey won for best comedic performance for his role in Yes Man and Heath Ledger was posthumously honored for his legendary performance in The Dark Knight.

The best song from a movie went to Miley Cyrus for "The Climb," which was featured in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Efron, Kiefer Sutherland and Triumph the Insult Dog presented former MTV Movie Awards host Ben Stiller with the MTV Generation Award, honoring the actor for a career of "selling out box offices without selling out."

EXCLUSIVE - New Moon Official Trailer

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'm a Celebrity, get me OUT of here's Janice Dickenson

Just watched the first episode of "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" & so happy Janice is doing so well. I can't stand Heidi and Spencer, but they do make the show. Too bad they are off it now... Oh wait, just heard they want back on the show again. GOD! ;-) Catch the show on NBC or HULU.com GO JANICE!!

Chad, Steve, Janice & Brent

Here's a clip:

Here's the one of Heidi crying for some stupid shit!

End The military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

Here are some really good stories From Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. Rachel is a lesbian herself and a very outspoken critic for gay rights. I love her and support her. Make sure you tune in weekly to catch stories like these.
Brent Everett

Aubrey Sarvis

Aubrey Sarvis

Posted: May 19, 2009 09:11 PM


New President. New Congress. No Change. Here is the latest evidence of what our country is losing under the law that prevents gay men and women from serving openly in the armed forces of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach, a fighter weapons systems officer, has been flying the F-15E Strike Eagle since 1998. He has flown numerous missions against Taliban and al-Qaida targets, including the longest combat mission in his squadron's history. On that infamous September 11, 2001, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach was handpicked to fly sorties above the nation's capital. Later he flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has received at least 30 awards and decorations including nine air medals, one of them for heroism, as well as campaign medals for Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He is now a flight instructor in Idaho, where he has passed on his skills to more than 300 future Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force weapons systems officers.

Since 1987, when Fehrenbach entered Notre Dame on a full Air Force ROTC scholarship, the government has invested twenty-five million dollars in training and equipping him to serve his country, which he has done with what anyone would agree was great distinction. He comes from a military family. His father was a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, his mother an Air Force nurse and captain. Lt. Col. Fehrenbach has honored that tradition.

And the Air Force is about to discharge this guy, a virtual poster boy for Air Force recruiting, because he is gay? Someone has to be kidding. This is sheer madness.

But Lt. Col. Fehrenbach does not have to be discharged. There is something the Pentagon can and should do now. Lt. Col. Fehrenbach's commanders and senior commanders can retain him in the service. Individual commanders are allowing many gays and lesbians to continue to serve openly in the armed forces. They are doing so because these are good service members who are doing their jobs. Lt. Col. Fehrenbach is no danger to unit cohesion, or to morale, or to good order and discipline. He goes to work every day, does a fantastic job for his country, has all the medals and job performance evaluations to prove it, and he should be allowed to serve.

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Lt. Choi Kicked Out of Army for being GAY

Now, Air Force Pilot get's kicked out for being gay too! 25 Million for him and now they kick him out for being GAY? How WRONG IS THIS!!! END Don't ask, Don't TEll NOW!